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Thursday 30 October 2014


Every  bucket of water starts with a drop., stop waiting for things to happen ,make things happen.
Every there and then ideas keep poping up, utilize them, Dont wait for big things to happen ,they may never come,
 I once watched a documentary on t.v about a young Nigerian youth who once had an idea to start up  a business, guess with what? kuli kuli(hausa snack) yea! funny right? , this young graduate had an idea of packing this snack into nylons like biscuit and exporting them out of the country . He is now a multi millionaire, The most awkward things actually generate income ,  Stop following trends , because every female is becoming a make up artist, doesnt mean you have to become one, be creative, discover yourself, stand out and do exploits ...its the era of exploits
stop being a copy cat, be more of a leader than a follower, you are a star, shine, you are a lamp, you shouldnt be hidden. Blame yourself if you leave earth without any impact...The world is awaiting you!

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