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Wednesday 29 October 2014


Lemme share this tatafo.. Pearl met Joachim at an event,,but before then, they had been blind chatting, after a while they had gotten so fond of each other would spend hours talking and not get bored . After a while they decided to take it to the next level, Pearl was initially scared because she had previous heartbreaks ..but she was in love ..at that time it was like Indian movies lol! He gave her ,her first kiss and it increased the love .. after a while things started changing he stopped calling ,stopped caring.. and she felt so sad and scared..she had gotten so used to him that she couldnt do without him but it was like he didnt care.
Lemme say here girls are like eggs if you hold them too tight they will break,when you hold them too loosed they will fall.
Its hard for a girl to say i love you and mean it but when she means it, she gives her heart to it..
hurting her could  change her perspective about life,a girl endures alot,finds it hard to let go but when she eventually does theres no coming back.
-love her
-show her care
-call  her regularly
-appreciate her
-adore her
-correct her tenderly
-dont give up on her!

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