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Saturday 15 November 2014

Fuji King Wasiu Ayinde ; King Solomon of this generation!

In an interview with Punch, K1 spoke on the issue, adding that he has no regret marrying his ex-wife’s niece. He also described himself as King Solomon in the bible, who has 700 wives and 300 concubines. 

You don’t always want to talk about the number of wives and children you have. Don’t you think that there might be a heavy ‘war’ amongst your family members when you are gone from this world?
When King Solomon in the Bible died, there was no issue among his wives and children. If it didn’t happen in the time of Solomon, it will not happen in my time. How many kids do I even have? How many women have I known? There are so many people out there who even have more than we can ever think of. It is on record that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If somebody like Solomon wasn’t crucified during his time, why do you have to talk about me? How many women have I ever touched? How many children do I have? Before you talk about me, let people talk about King Solomon.
But that was during the Old Testament…
Well, it might be that another King Solomon has come. I might be another King Solomon in the making.
Doesn’t it bother you when people talk and reel out such scandals about you marrying your ex-wife’s relative?
It doesn’t make any meaning to me. Do you read the Bible very well? The Bible contains a lot of things even for generations yet to come to learn something from. The Bible is a book of life. Talking about my personal life doesn’t make any meaning. If you start tracing the lineage of some people, you would even find out that some men may have married their sisters and nothing happened. It is not a big deal. If they didn’t kill them then, why would somebody talk about my marrying my ex-wife’s niece and such jargons? It doesn’t make any meaning. Life is about what suits you. I don’t want to be citing examples but the Bible has taught us so many things.
Do you regret being a polygamist?
No way! I don’t have any regret at all. I was born into it. I practise it very well and I am enjoying it. That it didn’t or doesn’t work well for some people doesn’t mean I should complain about it. My marriage is beautiful. I am enjoying my marriage with Fathia. She gives me joy and she gives me reason to be thankful.
So she doesn’t mind that women are all around you?
Every woman married to a man in my kind of profession should understand the nature of the job. Fathia, my wife, is just the lucky one. She is lucky she is the one I have pronounced. So many women are out there and they want me to pronounce and profess such to them. But she is the chosen one. I am proud to say she is my love. She earns it. She gives me support and understanding.

Culled from Punch

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