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Thursday 20 November 2014

Sisters Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Marijuana Into Cell For Brother

Officers of the Nigerian Prison Services on Wednesday caught two sisters, Shade Oyetobi and Atinuke Adebanwo, while attempting to smuggle 11 wraps of marijuana into the Ikeja Lagos State High Court holding cell for awaiting trial inmates.

Punch gathered that the culprits, who claimed to be orphans, brought in the illegal substance for their brother, Babatunde Oyetobi, an awaiting trial inmate.

According to them, Babatunde, who was arrested during a street fight, had been in prison for about two years. The two sisters, who were handcuffed together, said they had contributed money to hire a lawyer for their brother, adding that they had been coming to court regularly to stand by him since his trial started.

Twenty-four-year-old Shade, who said she was a hairdresser, confessed that the marijuna wraps were handed over to her by one, Jamiu, a friend of Babatunde.

She said, “Actually, it was my brother’s friend, Jamiu, who sells watches that gave the stuff to me this morning for my brother.

“Jamiu called me on the telephone and gave me the drug. I don’t know where they sell marijuana, I don’t know how much they sell it and I don’t smoke.”

Adebanwo, married with three children, said she was not privy to the arrangement.

Crying profusely, the 32-year-old lamented that her sister had put her in trouble.

Facing her sister, Adebanwo said, “Oh my God, I don’t know that it is a crime to have the two of you as my siblings. Is it a crime to stand by you after the death of our parents?

“I don’t know anything about this whole thing. Please ask her; I am even sick, I was supposed to go for my treatment this morning.”

Speaking to our correspondent, the warder, Mr. A. R. Muhammed, who arrested the sisters, said the marijuana wraps were hid inside a black nylon bag and concealed with a pair of slippers.

Muhammad said, “We demanded to know their mission as they were coming in and they told us they wanted to see their brother. We asked to see what was in the black polythene bag, but they said it was a pair of slippers. When we demanded to see the slippers, the younger sister became guarded.

“At that point, we ordered them to walk out if they were not willing to show us the slippers; but we became suspicious when they chose to walk out without seeing their brother rather than show us what was in the nylon bag. That was why we insisted on checking the bag, only to discover that they were trying to smuggle marijuana into the cell.”

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