Twins have defied odds of 150,000-1 to both become fathers on the SAME day, in the SAME hospital - and by the SAME midwife.
Stunned Jeromme and Jarrell Spence, both 21, have managed to beat the staggering odds to become the proud dads of bouncing baby boys.
The twins were initially shocked when told their partners had the same due date of November 26, but neither believed they would both be celebrating on that date.
But remarkably, the pair became fathers within a few hours of each other when their sons were born at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton in the early hours of Monday.
Incredibly, both babies were born in the same water pool in the same room and were delivered by the same midwife.
Jeromme's partner Tegan Compton, 19, was first to give birth when 8lb 7oz Cameron arrived into the world at 2.04am on Monday morning.
Jarrell's girlfriend Francesca Ashe, 19, then followed suit when she delivered 7lb 11oz Cassen two-and-a-half hours later at 4.34am.
Jeromme, who works in a sports shop, said: "We knew that our partners were both given the same due date, but we just never expected the births to be really on the same day.
"Tegan and me came in first and little Cameron was born just a few hours later.
"Then the pool was washed and cleaned, and we handed over to Jarrell and Francesca."
Jarrell, who works for a catering firm, added: "We got here at about two in the morning and we could hear someone's voice and I said, 'that's Tegan'.
"Mum was with me so when Tegan gave birth she went over to see her grandson and then a couple of hours later she had another one.
"It is absolutely amazing that we became fathers of sons on the same day.
"It is great for everyone and everyone at the hospital was great."
Midwife Barbara Kapoor, who delivered both babies, said: "I have never ever heard of this happening before. It is amazing."
Alex Donohue, from Ladbrokes bookmakers, added: "This is so rare. The odds of it happening are at least 150,000 - 1."
Source:uk mirror