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Friday 19 December 2014

"I didn’t Wed Secretly" - Actress LOLA ALAO Cries Out!

ENCOMIUMWeekly had a chat with the Pretty Actress on how she found love and more...Read Excerpts!

It’s been a while we saw you last, what has been happening to Lola Alao?  You travelled out and refused to come back.

It is not that I refused to come back.  I just took a break and spent time with my husband.  I also decided to act majorly in my own movies.  I am back now. I have even released a movie entitled, Oko Nene.

What does that mean?

I am from Kogi State.  Nene is my language.  It means Tutu.  So, it means Oko Tutu, the movie is out already.

Why did you get married secretly?

I didn’t marry secretly. I am happily married.

How did you find love?

I didn’t find love, love found me.

You didn’t marry secretly but you married abroad?

My husband is based in America. I went to America and he decided to give me a surprise.  He asked for the date and he invited my sister-in-law to go out with us.  We had our shopping and headed to the registry.  That was when he told me that we were getting married.  I wasn’t surprised though, I was expecting it.  He had been talking about marriage all the time. So, I knew it could happen anytime.

How long did you know him before you got married?

Not really for long but our marriage will soon be two years.

Tell us about him.

He is a fantastic person, God fearing.  His name is Olawale Ajibola.

When you disappeared from the scene, we thought marriage had taken you away from Nollywood.

No, no, my husband will never stop me from acting.  He always encourages me. He has always been supportive.  He likes what I do. Besides, he knew I was an actress before he married me.

How do you want to juggle your marriage?  He is there and you are here.

He comes here and I go there. There is no problem about that.

When should we expect to see you in movies?

Soon, I have a script. I should be on location this week.

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