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Friday 5 December 2014

Mail; I was Raped in 2014# My worst experience in 2014#

 Sad this is story touched my heart,i have been receiving so many mails.

Hi Faithy,
   Remember you said you would not publish my name, but guess what I was raped in 2014, by who?
 My facebook boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid, I met this guy on facebook and we got chatting, we found out that our schools were just about 45minutes apart, he asked me to come and visit him in his off campus apartment, I was reluctant at first then I thought well let me just go,i trust him he seems like a righteous guy and always claimed he was either studying his bible or having a choir rehearsal.. I  was  surprised to know that such guys still exist..I went over to see him, when I entered the compound, I found it empty, but I felt he was trustworthy, like i could rely on him, we entered one of the rooms and he offered me a glass of eva wine, it was like a dream to me I slept off..only to wake up to find out that I had been raped,i could not tell anyone I had been raped because I felt as if in a way I had a fault..I was careless I wish all the girls would hear my story and learn from it, I had to learn from my own experience they should not learn from theirs too oo..its not a funny experience.


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