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Sunday 22 February 2015

Samuel Eto’o aquires 'cursed' Italian mansion>>>>Pics

Former Chelsea striker, Samuel Eto’o has acquired an Italian mansion worth £18.5million. The Italian mansion, called Villa Altachiara, was reported to have been bought by Eto’o despite being warned by locals that the house is haunted by the curse of the Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun popularly known as King Tut was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled from 1332 BC – 1323 BC 
The property was previously owned by Lord Carnarvon, who was known to be jinxed with the ‘Curse of the Pharaoh’ after opening the 'cursed' tomb of king Tut during an archaeological exercise many years ago.
This however did not discourage Eto'ó from buying the mansion. The property has 40 rooms &30,000 square-metres of  land. 

Photo Credit; Daily Mail

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