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Sunday 17 May 2015

INSPIRING STORY: My Hands Are Too Tiny

A mother and daughter went shopping for groceries,  after picking out all they wanted, They moved to the payment desk to pay their bill, There the mum met an old time friend who happened to be the attendant.. After a long exchange of pleasantries, the friend noticed the presence of the girl... smiled and said ''This must be your daughter, shes so pretty''..The Mother replied ''Yes''... The lady bent down and got talking with the little girl,she was
amazed at how intelligent the girl was... she looked on the payment desk, saw the candy jar, then looked back at the girl, told her to take as much candy as she could, The girl looked at the candy jar, then looked at her mum, her mum noticed she was staring at her so she said ''it's ok darling you can have some'' but the girl still refused ..After much persuasion and the girl refusing,the mother realized that they would waste more time than expected.. so she took a paper bag from the desk,Fetched the candy in it and then put it in her grocery bag.. Immediately the girl smiled, looked at the attendent and said''Thank you ma,it's my favorite candy '' The Mother and attendant were confused.
Later that day when they got home, the mother asked the girl why she acted that way at the Mall, The girl replied''Mummy you know that's my favorite candy, I knew if I fetched it with my hand,my hand is so tiny so I wouldn't be able to fetch enough..I wanted you to use your big hand!
Many of us try to do the things God is meant to do ,we forget our hands are small and limited, when Life offers you the candy jar,use God's hand to fetch it, when we use God's hand we enjoy abundance.. Happy Sunday!

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