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Friday 15 May 2015

ITs Not Over Until I Win

A Father and son were playing a game, After four rounds the father had won  all through, it was already 10pm, The father looked at his son smiled and said ''it's over I won''. The boy started crying it's not over, They went for six more rounds.. and the father won all through at the end of each game the father tried ending the game but the boy insisted they continue. By the 11th round the father was sleepy and then the boy won.. He looked at his dad smiled and said '' Daddy it's over we can go to bed''..His Dad surprisingly said''All this while I tried to end the game But you refused, why did you suddenly decide to stop now''. ''It's not over until I win'' the boy replied.
Wow! Inspiring right ?each time you feel like giving up, look at your mirror And say it's not over until I doesn't matter how many failures you need just one win to erase the failures, you never can tell it just might be your next attempt... Don't give up! 

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