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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Meet Khadijah Dare, The First Nigerian Female ISIS Terrorist [Photos]

She was among the first Britons to join the terrorists of Islamic State and regularly takes to Twitter to issue violent threats, including one in which she spoke of her wish to become the first woman to behead a Westerner.

But despite all that, Khadijah Dare's heartbroken mother Victoria has used her first ever interview to call upon her daughter to return and says she wants her only child in her life.

Mrs Dare, from Lewisham in South London, also revealed that her daughter had been an equally devout Christian as a child but turned to Islam while at college.

She loved church,' said Mrs Dare in an interview due to be screened tonight as part of a BBC documentary.

'She had a Bible, she read the Bible. She would sit there and pray and pray and pray.'

Dare, who was born in Nigeria but emigrated to the UK as a child, was originally christened Grace but, says her mother, the 22-year-old changed it after she began attending services at the Lewisham Islamic Centre - a mosque also linked to the Lee Rigby killers.

'When she became Muslim, I would get these phone calls saying, "Can I speak to Khadijah?" I said to her, what's that about?

She says, "Oh, that's my name". It was only the mosque people who called her Khadijah. I don't call her that.'

Now living in Syria, Dare, who married a Swedish IS terrorist calling himself Abu Bakr almost as soon as she arrived, has reportedly been widowed.

Nevertheless, she continues to spread IS propaganda online and has been accused of encouraging other young women to travel to the Middle East, much like fellow British jihadi bride Umm Layth.

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