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Sunday 7 June 2015

Mistress files a $2mil lawsuit against her ex-lover after he refused to leave and divorce his wife

67-year-old mistress, Theodora Lee Corsell, who spent the last 6 years trying to get a retired media executive, 88 year old James Greenwald to divorce his wife has filed a $2million suit against him.

Corsell was professionally and romantically involved with Greenwald while he was married and living with his 77 year old wife Marilee, according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“According to Greenwald, his wife Marilee told him, ‘I will see them bury you six feet under before I grant you a divorce. I’m the last Mrs. Greenwald,’ ” Corsell recounts in court papers.

Corsell is suing for the 'reasonable value' of the six years during which her 'services' went unpaid, she claims she performed tasks for Greenwald such as helping him get rid of New York Giants tickets, dealing with a $3million threat from another mistress and digging up dirt on his 77-year-old wife.
Corsell, who said her 'professional services were separate and apart from the parties' romantic relationship', alleges Greenwald said he owed her 'everything' and promised to compensate her as well as indicated he would leave his wife. 
Greenwald said he would pay Corsell and include her in his will.
The payment did not happen and neither did the divorce.
Corsell was Greenwald’s glorified gofer over the last six years. She handled everything from getting rid of unused New York Giants tickets to promoting his unpublished memoir. She even helped him quash a $3 million threat by one of Greenwald’s other mistresses who planned to out him to his wife, ­according to court papers.
Greenwald's attorney, Steven Mintz, called the suit a 'shameless shakedown'.
He said: 'She's not entitled to any money.
'Jim Greenwald is happily married and wasn't going to just pay what he viewed as a shakedown for silence.'

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