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Monday 27 July 2015

Exclusive Interview with Samson Nyako a.k.a Staga!!

Samson Nyako is a student of Ibrahim babangida university lapai,currently aspiring for the post of the SUG director of Social. FAB discovered the potentials of this young but ambitious dude and offered an exclusive interview with him read after the cut:

Can you introduce your self?

 As you know,my name is Nyako Samson a.k.a Staga. I am the second child of Mr and Mrs Nyako(wonderful people I must confess)
I grew up in Jos,Plateau State and Currently a student of IBBUL, I love music especially rap , I am a rapper  and now a politician too*smiles*..**

What made you go into Music?

Well music is a passion,Music is life, music is 
everything and music is part of me!!I did not grow into music.I was born with it.

So you are currently aspiring for the SUG DOS of IBBUL, what propelled your going into politics?

It's been a long time ambition though,It started when
 I was in 100 level, as a fresher I dreamt of being the DOS, but gradually it started fading out,But the dream came back alive after I visited older universities and observed how things were done 
there, How upcoming talents where groomed, How
 artists where given equal opportunity,and I saw the need to change things arRound here..

Talking about upcoming artists what's your advice to artist that suffer low self esteem ,they have talents but are scared of coming out to showcase what they 've got? 

ok,from my little understanding about life everything starts from a step,every great man out there had to gather courage to take a step, theres no harm in trying.
Sucesss is not determined by how many times you fall
But it is simply your ability to rise up!
forget what people would think or say  all that wont matter after you discover your self.

which Nigerian artist do you dream of working with?


why vector?

 i love the fact that hes versatile!

Are your parents in support of your Music?

My mum was not in support of it initially, now they both are!

Let's go personal, Do you have a girlfriend?

*chuckles* I don't ooo, am single and not searching.

If you were asked  to make three wishes that must be granted, what would they be?

1. I want to be successful in life and music 2. To eventually find a good mother to my children . 3. God's help! I really do not want to let down a lot of people.

Do you have any words for your friends ,fans,supporters and your campaign team?

Theres a difference between friends and true friends!
to all the true friends ,i say thank you and your struggle would not be forgotten! God bless you real good.!

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