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Thursday 30 July 2015

I headed a military that lacked motivation, relevant equipment – Badeh


The immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh Thursday, reflected on his service years and concluded that he presided over a Nigerian military that lacked motivation and relevant equipment to fight Boko Haram insurgency.
Speaking at his pulling out from the military, Badeh lamented that his tenure witnessed negative reportage from the local and foreign press as well as political class that exploited serious national security issues to gain political mileage.
The former Defence Chief also blamed the fifth columnists in the military who often leaked information to the terrorists for making the task of combating insurgency difficult.
“Like the saying goes, “whatever has a beginning must surely have an end”. My journey in the Service of my fatherland as a member of the Armed Forces of Nigeria which began on the 3rd of          January 1977 in the Nigerian Defence Academy has finally come to an end.  Accordingly as I bow out today, I look forward to a deserved and happy retirement.
“Notwithstanding the modest successes we recorded in the fight against terror, I must say that the task of    co-coordinating the military and other security agencies in the fight against the insurgents is perhaps the most complex and challenging assignment I have had in my over 38 years in Service.
“For the first time, I was head of a military that lacked the relevant equipment and motivation to fight an enemy that was invisible and embedded with the local populace.
“Added to this, was the exploitation of a serious national security issue by a section of the press and the political class to gain political mileage.
“Furthermore, the activities of fifth columnists in the military and other security agencies who leaked operational plans and other sensitive military information to the terrorist, combined to make the fight against the insurgents particularly difficult.
“The activities of these unpatriotic members of the military not only blunted the effectiveness of the fight, but also led to the needless deaths of numerous officers and men who unwittingly fell into ambushes prepared by terrorists who had advance warnings of the approach of such troops.
“The decision by certain countries to deny us weapons to prosecute the war also added to the challenges we faced. Despite these challenges, I am glad to note that a lot was achieved during our time in the fight against terror,” he said.
Badeh noted that no nation can achieve its full security potentials by totally depending on other nations for its defence needs.
According to him, the lessons of the civil war and the ongoing war against terror where certain countries frustrated our attempts to procure much needed weapons are very instructive.
He therefore, appealed to the relevant agencies of government “to mobilise the huge human and material resources we have in this country towards the development of a vibrant Defence Industrial Complex that would contribute to meeting our critical arms and equipment needs.
“This is crucial if we must reduce our total dependence on foreign sources of supply for critically needed arms. That is the only way we can retain our dignity as a nation in order to have freedom of action in international affairs”.
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