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Thursday 30 July 2015

Teenager’s Manhood Goes Missing After Shaking Stranger In Niger State

Residents of Lambata in Gurara local government area of Niger state were yesterday stunned after a 17-year old boy, Suleiman Usman claimed his manhood had vanished after he shook a stranger. According to New Telegraph, the police have arrested two persons in connection to the incidence.
A witness, Mohammed Tsado, said the victim told him that one of the suspects alighted from a car and asked him to shake him but he refused After which the suspect insisted on the handshake while asking him if he was a Muslim.
After accepting the handshake, Usman realised that his penis had vanished and immediately raised an alarm which attracted other people in the vicinity. Another witness, Zakari Mohammed, said the suspects ran into their car and sped off but they were accosted by vigilantes at Muye who had been tipped off earlier.
Angry youths in the area were said to have pounced on the suspects and made attempts to lynch them, save for the intervention of the police, who rescued the men and took them to the police station. The suspects were then asked to restore Usman’s penis, after which the teenager was taken to a commercial sex worker to check if his manhood was still functioning.
Although he confirmed his penis was back, he however said he could not ‘perform’ with it. Reacting to the incidence, the Niger state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Bala Elkana, “the angry youths did not allow the police to do their job. I can assure you that we are on top of the matter and we will ensure the case is handled amicably

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