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Thursday 31 December 2015

Thank You

This year, I learnt a vital lesson ; we all need each other to survive, we might not know until we picture a world without people,life would be boring, without all the fun moments and beefs...
 My 2015 was not a bed of roses,i got misunderstood, felt left out many times,felt forgotten by those that should stand by me.. But it made me realise the true meaning of being 
strong, I look foward to a better 2016, my gratitude goes :
To God, I have really been unfaithful but he's just been treating me like the apple of his eye..
To all the pushy people that always tell me how much more I can achieve, Thank you
To my family thank you all; Mum,Bapsy,Kefas,Hannah,Debbie, shaddyB,Aisha,Mathew,kesgee,Eunice,Bernice,Jude.
B,MrOlawale,Mrs Grace,Jecho, Mummy Saratu..,My cousins, Aunties,Uncles, Thanks alot
To all my readers Thank you ,you are the reason I do what I do..
To my friends, really long list though thank you..
To the RAW family Thank you
To livingintunes Family Thank you
To my haters, thank you, you make me work harder to disappoint you!

There's nothing you can't do, christ has given you the ability to do all things through him..
You are only permitted to move from glory to glory in 2016, no backwardness....amen...I love you and there is nothing you can do about it..

Wishing you a great 2016.

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