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Saturday 12 March 2016

READ: Pregnant woman runs into Police Station to stop husband from beating her over sex

There was a mild drama at Ejigbo Police Division after a pregnant wife ran to the station in tears seeking police protection to prevent her husband from further beating her over sex in Lagos State, western Nigeria.
In response, the police arrested the man and committed him to sign an undertaking not to beat her again before he was released on bail,PM News reports..

The embittered woman, Ego Ahahuwa, reported to the police that her husband, Obioma had subjected her to constant beating over her refusal to have sex with him because of her pregnancy.She said she was afraid he would kill her one day if she continued to keep silent.
The couple who hails from Umuahia in Abia State, resides at Alabi Oyo Street, Bucknor Estate in Ejigbo area of Lagos, from where she ran to the police station.
The mother of two kids alleged that her husband became hostile to her after she became pregnant which will be their third child against his wish.

She denied that she deliberately took in as claimed by her husband and said it was due to insatiable demand for sex by her husband that made her to get pregnant without knowing.
She said when she realized and informed her husband that she became pregnant, he became hostile and refused to take care of her and the baby.

Ego said despite the hostility and starvation, Obioma would want to have sex with her in the night.
Some of the neighbours who followed Ego to the station confirmed to the police that Obioma has been battering his wife and there was need for police to intervene otherwise, he would kill her one day.
When our reporter contacted Obioma at the station, he admitted that he was responsible for the pregnancy and said he warned Ego against getting pregnant.He explained that he was finding it difficult to feed the two children they already had and she deceived him and became pregnant.
He also admitted that he beat her out of anger because she does not listen and obey him and would not allow him to have peace of mind.

Obioma said he regrets beating her and it was due to anger and said he had promised the police and even signed an undertaking not to beat her again and would take care of her and the baby.
On the issue of sex, he said he would not touch her again to avoid similar embarrassment in future.

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