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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why I Started Blogging- Faith Adama

When I was little... I had a diary I called "friend"...Each time I was crying or hurt...I would start writing in my diary and instantly feel better...I soon started loving writing...I would get a small note, write short stories and give the girls in my hostel to read. ...I would ask them if they enjoyed my stories....Most of the girls wouldn't return my books, they would say they will read it again and again.....I feel really satisfied blogging... Whenever am writing I forget about reality...and focus on the beauty of fantasies..and imaginations. ..plus my mum kept on pushing me to try new things...then there came my lovely cousin who taught me how to blog...The truth is if you love doing something nothing should hinder you...chase your dreams...actualize them and be happy...I started blogging because it made me happy...I think you should start what makes you happy...Don't be scared of starting might not be as complicated as you picture it to be...Everyone has a beautiful beginning...and an even more beautiful ending....started mine....you can too....


  1. You should never stop writing, because the world needs you to keep writing, proud of you......

  2. I trust, once u've got talent in u, don't hide it, I love writing so av got series of write ups on ma memo pad, at times I just pick up ma phone and ma friends will think am chating buh am rilly puttings words together, its 1 thing that gives me joy....kudus to u faith adama, keep it up