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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Whats Going On?...TeeBillz vs Tiwa....1-0

TeeBillz definitely did not wake up on the right side of the bed. He started out this morning with a series of posts on Instagram accusing Tiwa Savage of not being supportive of his career and even calling her mum a witch.
He started with a throwback, unflattering picture of Tiwa Savage, describing how he made her into somebody when she was “100% insecure”. He wrote, “@tiwasavage this was you when I met you with 100% insecurity. I remember when Wale called me about a girl that’s got talent and u told him I wasn’t interested!
TeeBillz post on Tiwa1
He continued with the narrative, down to their “first meeting” which he posted as a screenshot and declared that he will never let Tiwa’s mother reduce him to what she reduced her husband to. He told Tiwa to ask her mum to ‘confess’.
“Please just take care of JamJam. I sacrificed my life for you and put in work and my money to your success. You are Tiwa Savage the super star now right. You will never have peace with that fame. Your mother wants to turn me to what she turned your DAD to? I will rather Die. Ask her to confess what’s she’s done to me! All I did was look out for your success and forgeries g who I am”, TeeBillz wrote.
TeeBillz post on Tiwa2
He followed on that with an image of a quote where he followed up by apologizing to his kids saying people won’t let him be a great dad.
TeeBillz post on Tiwa3
I’m sorry Olabisi, Gaetano. Onah and jamil. All daddy wanted to do is be a good father and take care all of you but they won’t let me. I have been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a kid my mother and father can testify. Went from family battle to mother inlaws battle. @tiwasavage ask your mother to confess what she’s done to me
He finally ended his rant with a goodbye message where he wrote he cannot take it anymore. He finished that post by saying ‘Thanks to your mum’s witchcraft’ and once again urged Tiwa Savage, “Tell her [the mum] to confess to you“.
“Lord knows I tried. I can’t take it anymore. I decided that I wanted to take time out from music business so you and me will not be in the same basket of the music industry. You never supported me for day one every move I made and every project I layer my hands one was going all bad. Thanks to your mum witchcraft! Tell her to confess to you”, he finally writes.
TeeBillz and Tiwa

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