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Thursday 26 May 2016

BUK female student takes own life over registration

A female student in the Department of Library Science, Faculty of Education, Bayero University Kano (BUK), has ended her life by taking an insecticide.
She left a suicide note saying that she has failed to meet a dateline for the registration of an elective course.

In the note she said, “I will not apply for course suspension my academics is all I live for, if I can’t get it right, f**k existing.” 
The student, Sarah Imoleaya Ighidabo, from Edo State, failed an elective course unit in the faculty of sciences after missing examinations and was made to repeat the course. Ms Ighidalo had passed all her major courses in Library Science.
But by missing registration of her elective course, meant that she was not enrolled for the course during the semester and had to retake the course next year.

However, on Thursday May 12, 2016, the deceased went to the faculty’s office to see if anything could be done about her case, but she found out that it was too late to make any amends.
Consequently, she became restless, left the office and descended the stairs to where she had kept her bag. There, she was said to have written a suicide note and brought out a container of Sniper insecticide used mostly in driving away soil borne pests and drank it. She left her mobile phone, charger, suicide note, her bag and the container under the staircase and returned to the office. 

A source in the Computer Science Department told Daily Trust that soon after the student was told that her registration for the course was incomplete due to a late registration, she left the office without talking to anybody.

The source added that it seemed the student had already planned the suicide even before she encountered some challenges in the process of her registration.
“She drank the insecticide  under the staircase and left the container, her handbag, phone charger and other belongings in a hidden corner,” the source said.

“When she returned to the office, she began to complain of a chest pain and, in no time, she lost her consciousness. She was then rushed to the university clinic.
“But the problem was beyond the university clinic and she was taken to AKTH (Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital) and that was where she died,” said the source.

Immediately after the incidence occurred, the news went round the campuses and sent the faculty into a state of shock.

Daily Trust gathered that by the time that the news of her death filtered out, the empty container of the Sniper, her handbag, registration forms, bank payment receipts and phone charger were discovered by some students under the staircase.
The registration forms contained her name, registration number (Edu/12/LIS/00195), mode of entry, which is Direct Entry (DE), date of birth (01/01/1970), local government of origin (Etsako East local government) and her state of origin, Edo State.

The forms also contained her home address (Yelwa Television, Kaduna), her marital status, (single) and her next of kin. 
Philomena Umoru was stated as her mother’s name. She resides in the same area in Kaduna.
The student’s payment form of N29, 000 in the First Bank of Nigeria, Kuje branch, also contained her phone number and email address.
On the top of the form and at its bottom, a hand writing indicating: “Library & Information Science LIS4205,” was seen.

At the back of one of the two forms, the student wrote a message that read: “I will not apply for course suspension. My academic is all I live for. If I can’t get it right, fuck existing.”
Daily Trust learnt that a similar message was found in her room outside the campus.
Sources told Daily Trust that, already, the university management had received an interim report about the incidence from the concerned head of department.

The university’s authority, it was gathered, is still investigating the incidence.
Efforts to reach the Director Public Affairs Ahmed Shehu were not successful. He sent a text message saying he was in a meeting.

When contacted by phone, the Police Public Relations Officer, Kano State Command, Deputy Superintendent Musa Majia said the University authorities have reported the case to police on Monday and that the Commissioner, Alhaji Maigari Abbati had ordered the transfer of the case to the Criminal Investigation Department for further inquiry.

(Daily Trust)

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