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Saturday 14 May 2016

I Did Not Sell My Blog..FAB is not for sale

I would have ignored this but the little things we ignore get so complicated...I have actually been hearing about this rumour but kept silent due to personal reasons..Although a proposal was made by LivingIntunes to buy my blog.... I did not sell my blog to Livintunes......I was initially working as the online manager of LivingIntunes but quit to solely face my blog...I was a blogger under many of such companies...This is to all my worried fans...I love my blog...I do what I do to always satisfy my readers..you can't sell who you love so why sell what you love when it's in your power to keep...LivingIntunes and FAB will always be partners....But FAB has not collected a dim from LivingIntunes as regards selling itself...it still is solely owned by Faith Adama...FAB is not for sale...

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