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Sunday 19 June 2016

Emeka Ike storms out of interview after questions on failed marriage

Controversial Nollywood actor and acting President of the Actors Guild of Nigerian, AGN, Emeka Ike, on Friday stormed out of an interview when asked about his marriage.

The interview on Television Continental, TVC, took an unexpected turn after the interviewer probed further into the crisis trailing the actor’s marriage.
On the show, Emeka was asked about the current status of his marriage with wife, Suzanne, with whom he has allegedly had a physical altercation and bitter divorce proceedings.
The interviewer said, ”At your home front currently, is everything fine?”
The actor responded, “I love my wife and she is my wife. Everything is fine, I just dropped off my mother-in-law before coming here for this interview.”
However, upon further probing by the presenter who asked if his wife was back with him, the Nollywood ‘bad boy’ in an amplified pitch, said “It is not your business.
“We are working things out and the thing is this, whatever it is, you keep working on things. You keep working things out. You are not going to give up on something you love.
“Now you have a gold chain on your neck and you are at Oshodi bus stop and you are driving and some guy puts his hand through your window to rip off that chain off your neck; the first thing your hand will do impulsively is to protect your neck.
“You need to protect your own so no man can walk into another man’s house and say I want to marry your wife, it’s not possible.”
The interviewer further pressed on, saying it was the business of the press on his marriage issues because he is a public figure but Ike went further to explain why he needed not to answer the question as he stormed out of the interview set.
The actor’s 12-year-old marriage had packed up after his wife, Suzanne, sought for the dissolution in court over alleged assault from her husband.
It would be recalled as well that just recently, popular singer, Omawumi had stormed out of an interview on Da Chat with HFTv when asked about her smoking and drinking habit.

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