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Sunday, 19 June 2016

I Want A Man That Will Take Orders From Me - Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo shares with the Editor of Global Excellence, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, her present state of life and personality. She also offered reasons for speaking out her mind on issues of public concern, using her recent online war with Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa as an example. Enjoy....

Why do you think you are being misunderstood by some people?
I’m not misunderstood or controversial. The Americans and Canadians never called me those words after 35 years in their country. Most Nigerians on social media are mumus. On the streets they run to me, want my number, photo, selfies, telling me I’m so nice and I just watch. I never smile in fan photos. Everyone is a fake.
Some even say you don’t handle criticisms with deep understanding, they say you always return fire for fire. Do you think they are being unfair to you or it is actually a style you think is the best for our kind of society?
It is my style. You fuck with me, I fuck with you. I have fought people in public three times in the past. Nobody messes with KOO. I’m a lioness and a 6ft- 1 beast.
Your social media pages awesomely attract a large followership, what’s the magic wand, though some say you create controversies to pull the crowd?
So why do they follow me? They want to know the gist and truth no media will dare report. I am one of the three top influencers in Africa and the most eloquent woman on social media saysToronto Sun newspapers and Punch. I keep it real on Facebook.com/HNNAfrica, my main platform.
Share with us how you are planning for your 52nd birthday.
I’m having a strictly private party with a few friends and my sons in America after the BET Awards. Next year, it will be my annual Facebook party that I launched in Canada in 2007. I’m bringing it to Nigeria. Every fan will have to come to Ibadan to attend.
You are still within the marriage bracket, and you have the looks. Why are you not giving marriage a good shot or better still pairing with a ready guy?
I need a man that will take orders from me. I don’t entertain bullshit. There will be no infidelity, domestic violence, making me a servant and I won’t submit to a man, God forbid. That man is still out there.
What’s your view on religion and religion leaders and their followers?
Religion is the biggest lie to mankind. Christianity and Islam are fakes. The Bible and Koran need to be recycled into toilet paper and placed in toilets. I mean it.
How have you been coping with your kids and personal upkeep without a man’s support?
My sons are adults almost 30 years now. Man support ‘ke?’ I make my cash off social media and freelance journalism. One of my sons wants to come to work in the US embassy in Nigeria. They are Americans. They’ve never been to Nigeria and I’m with them half the year.
You should be friend with Nigerian celebrities, particularly music and movie stars, but you often pick issues with some of them and people say that is not PR wise for a lady like you who thrives on PR crest. What do you say?
I’m friends with the ones that matter. Some are totally annoying, fake hypocrites. Go to #HNNMusic on Instagram and see my celebrity friends abroad. But Nigeria has too much palaver. They live lies and fake lives here. Dayo Amusa, a Nollywood aspiring actress recently spread rumours about me calling me a criminal in Canada and US. Toronto police had to contact Instagram to take down her posts and fake documents which a troll photo-shopped and sent her. I then  investigated her by releasing her skeletons which shocked the internet. I’m a very damn good investigative journalist.
What’s your sex life like now?
I’m still a celibate. I have been since 2006. You (referring to this reporter) asked me this question in 2013 when I was celibate for seven years. Now it’s 10 years. I don’t need sex, I don’t use sex toys, I don’t even have a sex drive. Women can go longer without sex. Justin Biebers mom, Pattie Malette stayed for 15 years.
Let’s talk about the success of your business and projects online and outside the web.
My brand HNNAfrica is just getting bigger. World and Health news is vital. Facebook verified my page as an authentic global journalist. Wikipedia opened a profile; I regularly appear on Russian, British, American and Canadian TV. My Facebook videos are viral, up to1.1million watching me live and I’m working on getting a news channel soon on DSTV. The sky is not my limit. There is no limit. Google HNNAfrica. It’s on every social media portal. It came with hard work not controversial issues.

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