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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Democrats make history as Hillary Clinton is named presidential nominee

Democrats officially nominated Hillary Clinton as their standard-bearer in the presidential contest on Tuesday, sealing her position as the first female nominee of a major party in US history with a roll call vote at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia.

While Clinton had already met the threshold of the 2,383 delegates required to clinch the nomination and beat Bernie Sanders through her primary victories, the vote was a significant moment in her political career despite lingering discord within the party.

Clinton finished the Democratic primary with 2,807 delegates, compared with Sanders’ 1,894, a faction of the Vermont senator’s supporters arrived at the convention threatening a floor fight – or contested vote on the floor – over the nomination. They were further emboldened by leaked emails showing personal bias toward Clinton among officials at the Democratic National Committee, a controversy that culminated on Sunday in the resignation of party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
But in a bid for party unity, the campaigns of both Clinton and Sanders agreed to hold a vote that allowed Sanders delegates to show their support for the progressive senator, who defied all expectations by creating a grassroots movement across the country.
In another symbolic gesture, it was Sanders who called for the party to unanimously nominate Clinton when the roll call vote reached its completion with the Vermont delegation. The moment echoed the 2009 Democratic convention, when Clinton ended the roll call vote with a similar call for acclamation for Barack Obama from the New York delegation

“Madam chair, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules,” said Sanders. “I move that Hillary Clinton be elected as the nominee of the Democratic party.”
Democrats were hopeful that Tuesday’s proceedings might prove the rallying cry the party needs as it prepares for a general election battle with Republican nominee Donald Trump, who was formally nominated at his party’s convention in Cleveland last week.
A faction of Sanders’ supporters have maintained they will not back Clinton, and even booed at the mention of her name throughout the convention’s first day of proceedings. Their defiance remained even as Sanders, who endorsed his former rival earlier this month, delivered an impassioned plea for her candidacy during a primetime speech on Monday.
After running through the many of the issues he has advocated for in his campaign, Sanders insisted it was only through Clinton that the agenda shared by him and his supporters would be achievable.
“By these measures, any objective observer will conclude that – based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,” Sanders said.
The senator subsequently faced backlash from disappointed supporters during a surprise appearance at a breakfast meeting of the California delegation on Tuesday. As some jeered upon his arrival, Sanders urged them to keep the election in perspective.
“It is easy to boo,” he said. “But it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a Donald Trump presidency.”

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