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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

STORY: Who Cares? Who Cares? By NANA SULE

Mr. Abel has escaped from his one bedroom apartment. He is driving through the busy streets of Minna to see his friend around Mobil. He does not like to leave Esther at home alone, especially with her carrying their first child. But with the generator about to go off and her predictable nagging sure to follow and then his inability to buy more fuel and the anger finding release in him, he just has to escape.
He passes by Mr. Hassan's small laundry shop and is told the man hasn't opened for a week. Slowly, he meanders his way in his small car to Mr. Hassan's house in the heart of Kpakungu. He finds Mr. Hassan outside his door, fanning himself with a local rafia fan with stubborn strings of sweat still dropping from his head. They greet each other and proceed to discuss their week so far.
Mr. Hassan says he can't afford the rent of his shop anymore. He says the lack of power has crippled his business. Worse still, his 4 yr old son has a fractured arm; the result of an outdoor adventure due to the unavailability of Disney junior. Mr. Abel consoles him. He doesn't tell Mr. Hassan that his wife is meant to go through C.S next month, or that there is no fuel in his car to return him home, or how there is a pain in his chest from all the gas he has been inhaling from everywhere of late. The pain scares him, hospital bills scare him even more
Mr. Abel starts his journey back home. Above him, the skies are gathering and everyone is hurrying to safety. He brings the car to life and allows it crawl lazily. Just as the rain starts, the small witch of a car stops in the middle of the road. He gets out quietly,stares at the car for a while, ignoring the honking of cars behind him. He is aware the road is narrow, thanks to the interlocking blocks lying on the road. He is aware he needs to move his car, but instead he pockets his hands and takes a walk. He hears people cursing and honking, but he walks on.
Around midnight, he finds himself in front of his house. He is drenched as there is still a drizzle dancing outside. Esther is awake,she stares him hard in the face, then blows off the candle and goes to sleep.