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Thursday, 7 July 2016

When I Was A Child,Everything I Did Made People Laugh - Ambassador Semo.

Please introduce yourself?

I Am AJIBOYE opeyemi aka Ambassador semo.An annointed comedian and also a comedian to the world,I am  from kwara state to be precise Apado. I am the last born of a family of three.
When did you discover your love for comedy?
I discovered my talent as a child...I realized whatever I did made people laugh...it was cool
Were your parents supportive of you being a comedian?
Initially they weren't but now they are fully in
Has comedy affected your relationship in anyway?
Nope, it hasn't my girlfriend loves what I do and she's been really supportive.
 What about your relationship with others?
 You should not expect everyone to like what you do..All that matters is that you are doing what God says you should do..
 What has been your greatest challenge?
My inability to please everyone..
Can you share your most embarrassing moment in the industry ?
My embrassing moment was when I was invited for a show,I cracked some of my jokes and people did not laugh.I was so embarrassed.
Which Comedian do you dream of working with?
I will always love to work with akpokoro.
I hear you are planning a show,personally enjoyed the first one what should audience expect?
They should expect the unexpectable..But it sure is going to be better..Double the fun,laughter,experience,entertainment , Joy. It is going to be an awesome experience..I assure that.
Is there anyone you will want to render a shout out to?
Well...more than one...but would like to shout out to clarabim,Nathan,oni boye and smile.
What keeps you going?
The grace of God keeps me going.
Where do you see your self in a few years from now?
I see myself dominating the whole world by God's grace.
Any words for upcoming comedians at the verge of giving up ?
They should see every challenge as a stepping stone to their greatness.They should step right on the challenges and keep going...
When is the date of your Lafta Arena and venue?
17th of [email protected] L.F.C lapai
So who and who should we expect to see there?
There would be a lot of appearances like..M. C ope,M.c Nathan,M.C Amos,D brothers,NaGod,Dr laff laff, M.C kulikuli,Nosa,Eddy-Moses,Turaps,N-zee,Vibrant steppers, Shortcake, Bluetooth,just to mention a few..
Any words for your really supportive fans?..
Thanks for supporting me..Expect moreee....