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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Ultimate Cycler Team Nigeria That Pays In One Week – Register & Earn Big With the Fastest Team

This is December, join the active Ultimate Cycler Team Nigeria to start earning quickly where you use N12500 to get N50000 under two weeks without referrals…
Update :- The website is back with a new design and wonderful functions… Click here to join our team on Ultimate Cycler
Ultimate cycler
About Ultimate Cycler Nigeria
Ultimate cycler is the world first 2×2 matrix…
What is 2×2 (2 by 2) Matrix??
I believe you really don’t care about that
The thing is you will use N12500 to get N50000
Sky is this really real?
Yes it is….
Ultimate Cycler Review – How does it work?
  • The normal way it works is
  • You register under a person,
  • The system automatically pairs you with someone you will have to pay $25 (N12500) to
  • First you have to contact the person
  • Make arrangement and notify him or her
  • You only have 48hours to pay
  • After paying call or notify him or her to confirm payment
  • After confirmation you will now be able to access the platform fully…
Ultimate Cycler review
So How do I get paid?
Here is how…
You will be given a referral link…
Is there a bonus from referring people?
No… There isn’t
So why do I have to refer people?
Referring people only makes the process faster which means you can quickly get N50000 within 2 days while the normal wait is like a week or so…
Hmmm… Which means I have to refer people right?
Not necessary
You can also speed up the process by joining an active team
There is a term called “Spill over”
When people keep joining your team, people will be quickly assigned to you to receive payment…
Luckily for you Cyberwaver’s team on Ultimate Cycler is your best bet…
You want to Join Ultimate cycler? –> Join Sky’s Ultimate Cycler Group
You don’t need to evangelize or stress yourself, although you can bring in people using our link or yours to add to our team but on Cyberwaver’s team you sleep with both eyes closed…

How to Register for Ultimate Cycler (Registration)

Click this link to register and join sky’s active team
(You were referred by Hope Praise)
If you are using a mobile phone, the recommended browser is Google Chrome
Click “Join
To make the website viewable , on your browser interface on a mobile phone click menu located at the top right hand corner and tick “Request Desktop site” to load the desktop website of Ultimate Cycler
Now the website will be viewable now
Register with your details
Ultimate cycler registration
Scroll down and click “Click here to register and continue to step 2
The next page like the image below will require you to tick boxes, tick the three boxes which means you will be automatically paired to pay someone and you only have maximum of 48 hours to do just that…
Note :- You don’t have full access to the functions on the website until you have paid and the person have confirmed your payment.

How to Login to Ultimate Cycler Back Office

On an internet enabled device access the ultimate cycler login page here.
Ultimate cycler login
Input your username and password
Click “Login” and your in…
That’s it for Ultimate Cycler..
Sky have you tried the system?
Yes I have
Its working…
I have created a WhatsApp group for my team for Ultimate Cycler…
You will only be added if you are part of the Sky’s Ultimate Cycler Team…

Sky, how do I Contact you?

To reduce the calls, text, everything, my number is on the sponsor page and u can only see that if you register through my link or the links below…
Join Sky’s Ultimate Cycler Team to start earning quickly..
Join using these links to get spill over from Sky Team
http://www.ultimatecycler.com/refx/signup/danielmalik/ If you register under any of these links contact him or her and ask for my number to grow our team..

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