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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Celebrate Your Mother Today

Today I celebrate my Late Mum..Mrs Hassana Garba who died on 28th December 2016,Well I have tried so hard to post this on my blog,well I finally can.

Here we go..i had an awesome childhood and I mean the perfect childhood,vacations,icecream, you know that kind of perfect childhood...As a teenager I thought I had an overprotective and a rather churchy mum,My mum was the morning devotion and evangelism kind of mum. After my Adolescence I began to see a friend,a sister, a confident and trust me we were really close I could tell her anything and she was so supportive..She had so much love for my writing and will read my blog posts and share to her friends. And when I was nominated for an award she voted like over and over, broadcasted until I won..she was good at bearing burdens....She thought me to be strong woman and was politically active..she did that to prove to me that women can also be assets, she was an activist..She thought me a lot about prayers..And whatever she thought me she practised..I hear her pray every night..she lived by example...She never allowed me suffer deprivation. I love her always and I appreciate all the sacrifices she made..Loosing her is not easy but the memories I have about her keeps going. My message to you about mothers day is Love your mothers,value the little time with them.Nomatter how long they are around it will still seem so short because we need our mothers forever..So this mothers day,celebrate yours..To all mothers:you are really valuable,Happy mothers day Mummy

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