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Thursday, 30 March 2017

National Transformation through Arts & Entertainment industry'

RAWReloaded is a talent connect & societal change initiative. Our hope is to see it develop into a national movement for attitudinal change. The theme of the April Edition which will be the 3rd year anniversary, is "Identifying and developing entrepreneurial competencies in the emerging talent pool of Nigeria."
#RAWReloaded is a Youth Empowerment and Attitude Reformation Network initiated by Olusegun Ishola Alalade @pastorSegunAlal who is also the Senior Pastor of Champions Assembly Christian Centre Minna
Our focus is on the next generation. 65% of Nigeria's population is within the age bracket of 25 and below. Hence the whole idea of RAW is about bringing people to a place where they can connect with God for inspiration, uncover their gifts, talents and calling, developing them for societal transformation
In the next 10 or 15 years, these are going to be the leaders in the society and right now they are at the phase of their life where they are a t a turning point, they are beginning to investigate and come to the conclusion on what philosophy they are going to base their life on forever, and it’s at this time they need counsel and mentoring. It is at this time they need the impact of the generation that has gone ahead of them. This concert styled mentoring meetings are modern relevant and they are specifically targeted at the age bracket.
RAWReloaded is a platform that brings young people together having them think deeply about their talent and how those talents can transform into national transformation and development.
RAWReloaded has a monthly attendance of 200+. It is a talent management initiative targeted towards national transformation and empowerment;

Where they are mentored, we focus on;
1. Personal development
2. Career development
3. Business development
4. Talent development in Arts & Entertainment
It is also designed as an initiative to provide mentorship to musicians, comedians, dancers, fashion designers, with an intention to discover and develop their skills in the entertainment industry for national transformation. It is our hope that manty of the young people eventually become social entrepreneurs in the future.

1. Developing value-based ethics of leadership and responsibility in young people and helping them accept the values that have built other nations over time making those values first personal, then building them into a career and then into businesses so that the young people can go from personal transformation to organizational transformation and ultimately to national transformation.

Rev. Olusegun Alalade is an entrepreneur with professional and scholarly background in planning, research and strategy. He pioneers new initiatives for societal change & national development. He coordinates Champions Resource Centre. A hub for marketplace development initiatives. He’s a chaplain and Senior Pastor of The Champions Assembly Christian Centre, Minna.
Because of his love for art & creativity, he started a Youth Empowerment & Attitude Reformation Network (YEARN) where young adults are trained, mentored towards development & deployment of their talents for societal change.
He is also the convener & host of Mastering Sexuality; a national sex education outreach towards sexual purity, wholesome families and marriages.

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