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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Man rapes, infects 12 year-old niece with HIV

A Zimbabwean man, 25, has reportedly been sentenced to 16 years in jail for raping his 12-year-old niece and infecting her with HIV.

According to NewsDay, the convicted rapist also indecently assaulted the girl’s younger sister aged 9.
The man, who could not be named in order to protect the identity of the children, was slapped with an 18-year jail time on the rape charge.
Three years were suspended for a period of four years on condition of good behaviour.
He was, however, found guilty of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to 12 months.
The court prosecutor Bheki Tshabalala said that the convict committed the crimes sometime in January last year, according to a NewZimbabwe report.
Tshabalala said that the 12-year-old niece was cleaning her mother’s bedroom hut when the convict forced himself on her.
“On an unknown date in the month of January 2016, the accused approached his 12-year-old niece who was cleaning her mother’s bedroom hut and lifted her up before placing her on her mother’s bed where [he] forcible had sex with her once. Immediately after that, he went to the girl’s younger sister who was sweeping in another hut and mounted her but only lay on top of her,” Tshabalala was quoted as saying.
It emerged that the girl who was raped developed rash and sores on her private parts, prompting her grandmother to rush her to a nearby clinic where she was tested HIV positive.

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