Ponzi Wahala: NYSC member in trouble for using employer's N3.5M for Twinkas, MMM - FAITH ADAMA'S BLOG

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Ponzi Wahala: NYSC member in trouble for using employer's N3.5M for Twinkas, MMM

An NYSC member has been locked up for long in Kirikiri Maximum Prison, for using his employer's N3.5M for MMM and Twinkas.

The 2016 Batch B corper, who hoped to make a quick profit from the Ponzi scheme, was arrested and arraigned for embezzlement by his employers, after operators of the Ponzi schemes failed to return the money, which belonged to the company where he was doing his service.

According to Politics Nigeria, his plight was made public by a colleague, a lawyer, who
missed the last community development service (CDS) and took advantage of the group’s WhatsApp platform to explain his absence.

The lawyer, Augustine Ukpo, wrote:

“I was in court representing our Corper member colleague who was arrested and arraigned today before the Agbomalu Magistrate Court involved in N3.5 million embezzlement from his PPA (Place of Primary Assignment).”

Giving an update the next day, corper Ukpo wrote on the same platform:

“I earlier posted you guys that one (of) our Corper colleague(s) was arrested and arraigned yesterday.
He is now in Kirikiri Medium Prison pending the perfection of his bail conditions. While interviewing the corper member, I noticed bruises all over his body – evidence that he was beaten. He was kept in police custody for more than 24 hours. These got me furious as a lawyer.

Even though the corper agreed that he used the money for MMM and Twinkas, his fundamental right should not be compromised. In this vein, I shall be filing a fundamental right action against the employer of the Corper."
Corper Ukpo refused to disclose the name of his client but posted photos showing signs of torture allegedly inflicted on him in a police cell before he was transferred to prison custody.

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