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Friday 12 May 2017

New Bobrisky: Outrage as Hausa cross-dresser debuts

There has been serious outrage after a Hausa man posted photos of himself dressed in women's clothes complete with makeup, calling himself Hausa Bobrisky.

According to a report on an Hausa language website, the young man whose name has been shielded due to the nature of his society, reportedly said he was tired of living as a man and would want to come out of the closet to show who he really is by dressing like a woman just like the very popular cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, alias Bobrisky.

It was gathered that the young man who claims to be gay said he decided to come out in the open instead of living a fake life he is not proud of.

Photos of the cross-dresser have gone viral on the social media.

This is not the first time cross-dressers have come out of the closet with many saying they have been inspired by the courage of the likes of Bobrisky.

The Hausa Bobrisky

Late in 2016, one of such cross-dressers who identified himself as Bayo, came out to claim he is hotter than Bobrisky himself.

Writing on his Instagram page, Bayo said people should stop comparing him to Bobrisky as he was way better than the pacesetter.

"This is to clear the wrong impression being said about me and Bobrisky. Bobrisky is a guy I just realized existed only but a few weeks ago. He hasn't inspired anything about me. Am a person of my own. I am a rare being.
I have my own story, my own journey. I refused to be ridiculed or made a clown. Do you see me with a squeaky nose and a clown wig? I am my own person. It's called originality."

This year, another cross-dresser made an entry into the scene and also claimed to be the hottest thing in town. He called himself Jay Bugatti and posted photos of himself to prove that he is better.

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