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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kidnappers release APC councillorship candidate’s daughter after father withdraws from race

...Abductors gives stay-at-home order to candidate’s entire family
… monitor, relate family’s every move

All Progressives Congress, APC, councillorship candidate for Odi-Olowo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos, Bode Adeosun, has withdrawn from the race, following threat by kidnappers to abduct his children.Investigation by Vanguard revealed that his withdrawal was the only condition given by abductors for the release of his abducted 19-year-old daughter, Bukola.

Bukola was abducted by gun-toting men at about 9p.m last Tuesday and taken to an unknown destination. Her abductors, as gathered, contacted her father in the early hours of yesterday, informing him that Bukola was in their custody.

The only condition they gave for her release was his withdrawal from the race.

Information at Vanguard’s disposal has it that Adeosun’s withdrawal from the race was announced during a meeting with candidates from other wards in the council area.


Report had it that immediately it was announced, Adeosun got a call to go and pick his daughter at Damegoro Street, Mushin, with a stern warning to go alone.

The strange caller was said to have threatened to kill his daughter if he came with anyone or attempted to invite the Police.

The daughter, Bukola, was reportedly found blindfolded and unconscious, Friday midnight, with her hands and legs tied. She was rushed to the hospital where she regained consciousness the following day.

At press time, the undergraduate was still too shock to narrate her ordeal in the hands of her abductors.


Family sources, however, hinted that she was starved during her three-day ordeal in captivity.

According to sources, “we were told that immediately she was ordered to enter the car, they blindfolded her and took her to an unknown destination.

“When they got to the destination, her hands and legs were tied. She was left in that position for three days without food or water.

“As if that was not enough, she said that they beat her throughout her stay until she was dumped at Damegoro Street. If she had spent more than one hour where she was dumped, only God knows what would have been her fate.”

Fresh threat

Meanwhile, Vanguard gathered that perpetrators of the kidnap called Adeosun and ordered him to remain indoors with members of his family until the election was over.

Since the call was received, no member of the family had dared to move out of their apartment. Sources close to the politician told Vanguard that the threat could be politically motivated.

It was also gathered that Adeosun could be under close watch, as any move he made was always related to him on the phone by the strange caller.

A resident, who confirmed the family’s compulsory stay at home order to Vanguard, said: “This is clearly a strategy to completely remove him from the race. The man has stepped down, what else do they want from him?

“Immediately his daughter was released, he removed all his posters around and burnt them right in front of his house, in the full glare of everyone.


“When he contested in 2002, under the umbrella of the Alliance for Democracy, AD, his house was burnt and he was forced to step down. He had stepped down on two other occasions, until the mandate was given to him now to run. But that again, has been stalled.

“His children did not go to school today (yesterday) same with him and his wife. The local government election is coming up on July 22. How do they want him to feed his family if he remains indoor? What sin has the children committed to warrant such treatment being meted on them?

“Besides, this is third term when they need to sit for their promotional examinations. Every member of the family is living in fear because they do not know what move their enemy intends to make next.”
( Vanguard)

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