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Friday, 30 June 2017

Man threatens ‘wife’s’ lover, admits to inflicting him with illness until he stops dating her (Photos

A senior civil servant in Zimbabwe, Edward Mujumi has received threats from an unidentified man, who claims he is dating his wife. The man dropped photographs of Edward and his wife Epiphania Mugondwa together with a letter warning the former to stop dating the woman.

 According to the report by H-Metro, he even claimed to be behind Mujumi’s illness saying the problem will only be solved if he stops dating Epiphania.

Part of the letter dropped along with photographs reads;
“These pictures are for my wife with his (sic) boyfriend who is a boss. They are having good time, my wife agara ihure ndakambomurambidza izvozvi haadi kuona pane mari. He is going out with this boss you can see with the position which they are standing. I have other photos asingaite I will send them kana vakaramba vachidanana. Manje ndakamusota ari kurwara kana achida ngaasiyane nemukadzi wangu nemwana wangu ndimusunungure. I want you to publish this in your paper please pamwe vangandinyare. Contacted for comment, Epiphania could neither confirm nor deny the allegations begging H-Metro to leave the story saying she is not sure that the message is from her husband. “I am not sure that the messages and the photographs have been dropped there by my husband. Ndinokumbira kuti mumboisiya nyaya yacho,” said Epiphania.

Mujumi, who lost his wife last year, confirmed dating Epiphania but claimed this is because she convinced him she was single. He even has plans to marry her once he fulfills the traditional formalities concerning his late wife.
Interestingly, he said he has not been well since last Thursday and was now anxious to find out if it is related to the claims made by the anonymous ‘husband’.

Source-H metro

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