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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why the shadow of Don Jazzy, Mo’Hits records continue to haunt the Koko Master

D’banj is set to drop an album . He is working hard at creating his fourth solo studio album, which would launch him into another space in his lengthy career.

The album recording is complete. It has is mixed and mastered. The roll out plans are nice, and there's enough PR to feature him in the news. There has also been an album release party » in Los Angeles, USA, where celebrity stripper Blac Chyna showed up; bust, sass and all. It all looks like it’s coming together for D’banj.

But an old friend turned foe, turned friend, turned enemy, turned what-I-don’t-know keeps showing up. His name is Don Jazzy, and he used to be in business with D’banj.

The Mavin boss and D’banj used to be the two peas in a pod. They were inseparable in friendship as they were successful in the music business. Don Jazzy handled production for Mo’hits records, while D’banj was the chief executioner of the ideas. He brought life, stardom, money and everything else to the label. He was the perfect entertainer.

But an ill-timed advance from Kanye West was fatal for the group. » This, coupled with internal fighting, creative differences and bad blood ruined the water. The system was corrupted in 2011. Both parties split their business, and 6 years later, D’banj and Don Jazzy are still connected.

They are connected in the hearts of their fans who still hold fond memories and a deep-rooted emotional connection to the pair. And no matter what they do, and how theyb wish this wasn’t the case, they are still linked at every turn. Don Jazzy and D’banj are joined at the hip.

For D’banj, this affiliation never leaves him. It is stronger for him for a lot of reasons. But primarily because the fans. The generality of people who are in D’banj's corner joined the party during his Mo’Hits days. They still see D’banj as the guy who led from the front with Don Jazzy and found success at it.

It is that D’banj they fell in love with, and deep down they would rather have that version of him back. That’s the D’banj they fell in love with.

Don Jazzy’s existence is also of huge importance. The Mavins Boss grew his celebrity and influence on the game. This growth has made him loom large in the minds of fans. And although he has done his best to move past the Mo’Hits narrative, he is still a tangible representation of D’banj’s past life.

A typical fan would see Don Jazzy with Korede Bello on Instagram announcing a new song. And the first thought that would come to that fan would be: “If only D’banj had that beat, he would kill it better”.

That fan goes to Twitter and hits up D’banj: “I still think you need Don Jazzy. I think you will make better music with him”
It’s not because that fan hates D’banj. He simply wants what’s best for his idol. D’banj has not been the same since his split with Jazzy.

While he has grown in celebrity and consolidated on many wins. His artistry and musical ability has constantly been called into question. The general opinion is that he was a better artist with Don Jazzy.
That will not change. It’s his lot to deal with.

But there's still some fault with D'banj's handling of the matter. He continues to perpetuate this narrative.

His 2015 interview with Olisa Adibua did a lot to reopen old wounds and generate renewed conversation about his past. He has also been pictured with Don Jazzy on different occasions, while also performing with him. On this aspect, the blame is squarely on him.

Sometimes, I feel he does it to get in the news. Few things whip up an amazing headline like a D’banj and Don Jazzy story. It’s journalistic gold. It’s perfect for website numbers. It is the Holy Grail. These things make it hard for people to move past their affiliation.

There’s also the legacy that their working relationship has left behind. D’banj and Don Jazzy have an evergreen classic album – “The Entertainer” – and they have birthed some of the greatest songs of the modern pop era.
That can never be forgotten.

Every time ‘Why me’ or ‘Suddenly’ comes on in the club, there’s nostalgia linked to their creators. It’s seated in the deep emotional centers of the fans. It will never go away.

D’banj and Don Jazzy will forever be a thing.
D’banj has never had a producer with the same chemistry he had with Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy has never had someone to interpret his genius on the console as well as D’banj has.

It’s a fact that links them together forever.

D’banj’s “King Don Come” album will soon arrive in digital stores, physical outlets and on the streets. But for everybody that purchases the project, they won’t only be buying an album from the Koko Master.

They will also be buying the past, which had D’banj and Don Jazzy holding pop music to ransom with their masterful winning run.

( Pulse NG)

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