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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Would you report to the police if you discovered your spouse is a criminal?

I will try to change her

Akinyele Oluwagbenga

I might not want to report her due to the love I have for her because she is my wife and I would not want her to suffer. I will talk to her and try to make her change from her bad ways. But if she refuses, I may be forced to do what I am not supposed to do. She might end up wanting to harm me since I know her secret and I’ve tried to change her. She just might see me as a threat in the long run.

I will report him

Akinsola Elizabeth

I will not report him immediately. I will try to talk to him and make him change and after I have seen that he has changed, I will report him to the law enforcement agency and then prepare a professional lawyer to help him so his punishment would be minimal. He has to realise what he is doing or has done is a crime before God and man. If I keep quiet and act like I do not know anything about it, my own punishment on judgment day will be greater than his.

I will report her to the whole world

Olamilekan Michael

If I know my wife is a criminal, I will try my best to talk her out of it and if she doesn’t change, I will file for a divorce, then give her time to see if my divorce action will change her ways. But if I get the vibes that she is not remorseful and she still does not desist, I will report her to the whole world and make sure she faces the law.

If I don’t report, I may be roped in

Osunwe Adelanke

Yes, I would report to law enforcement agents if I discover my spouse is a criminal. I can’t even marry someone that is a criminal in the first place and if in the long run, I found out what he does for a living, I would definitely report him since it is bad. If I do not report him and he gets caught, I might be taken with him. People would think that I work hand in hand with him; they will think that I know what he is doing but chose not to report him. I did not vow to marry a criminal and if I don’t report on time, he might even end up harming me.

Reporting her is reporting myself

Ayo Onofua

I love my wife and I want to believe we are one already. Reporting her to the law enforcement agency will be me reporting myself. Instead of reporting her, I will leave her alone and by leaving her alone, I mean I will separate myself from her. I will make this obvious so in case somehow they find out about her crimes, I will not be implicated. We will stop living under the same roof since that’s the path she has chosen and my kids will stay with me henceforth. If she changes after doing all of this, good and if she doesn’t, she can continue with her life alone.

It will be very difficult to report him

Adeyemi Anita

It will be very difficult for me to report him to the law enforcement agency because he is my husband. I am sure if I report him, I will also be in trouble and I do not want to implicate myself. Although I will try my best to change him with the help of God; I will pray night and day and I am sure one day, God will touch him to change.

If she truly loves me, she will listen to me

Adebare Yusuf

First, I would advise her as a husband and a best friend and if she is not ready to desist, I would be left with no other option but to report her or divorce her. What legacy will I be expecting her to leave for our children in the future? Women have more impact on children’s character. Men have little because we have little time to spend with them. If she loves me like she always says, she will let go of the act immediately.

I will divorce him

Azeezat Yusuf

No, I cannot report my husband to the law enforcement agencies. I will try my best to make sure he stops because I am his wife and he has to respect my decision for my sake and our children’s. He is the bread winner of the house and I am a full house wife, when I report him, who would take care of the responsibilities? I will make sure he sees reasons with me on why he should stop and if he doesn’t listen, I will divorce him immediately rather than reporting him and getting both of us into trouble.

The truth will come out one day but not from me

Adewunmi Akintunde

No, I cannot report her because the love we share covers it all. We took a vow of ‘for better for worse.’ Even if the truth may come out someday, it will definitely not be from me. We will both work it out so she quit the habit as soon as possible. In a country like Nigeria, if I report her to the law enforcement agencies, I might get into a big mess because they would not believe I am not a culprit. And if she does not quit the act, we will go our separate ways but I am not going to report her.

I would rather leave than report

Omololade Bello

No, I would not report him. I will rather leave him than report him because if he is asked to face jail terms, he might come back for revenge and it is very possible except I would leave this country to somewhere he would not know. It’s better I just leave in peace because if I report, I might get implicated in the long run as he might lie that I have a hand in it.

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