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Friday, 14 July 2017

2017 FAB's List Of IBBUL's Most Gorgeous Ladies....!!!

In no particular order we have FAB's list of IBBUL's most gorgeous ladies . 

Charity Nwocha is a student of business adminstration, She is an awesome model,and has a peculiar personality..

Princess Ashajay is a student of business adminstration, she's beautiful and lovely..

 Firdausi is a student of mass communication,She loves food and is also a slayqueen....

Sadiqah, is a makeup artist, she's a slayer,she loves making others beautiful and sure doesn't leave herself behind, she is a student of English department...

Magdalene Paigel is a student of English department, she loves singing ,eating and dancing, she's also an awesome mc....shes versatile and fits into any role perfectly.. 

Aziza is the CEO of A.j styles ,she loves slaying, making up and hanging out with friends, She is a student of mass communication..

Gift ! Gift! The one with the killer dimple... Gift Stephen is a student of English department,she loves singing..

Ann okoro is the sug's most gorgeous lady,she's a student of English and she sure is gorgeous...

Mustaphaha Hauwa Maijiddah,is a student of mass communication..she loves reading novels and watching movies..

Comfort Nyaze is a natural black beauty.. she's got the best smile in Economics department.. A student of economics
Simbiat ododo is a student of  political science ..shes beautiful, fashion sensed and a certified slayer#peper em gang

Joyce Jiya ,is a student of sociology, IBBUL ,she's pretty  and quite friendly too , a member of next level entertainment crew ,she sure is a slay mama..

Esther , my senior that year in secondary school..lol OK she's a student of Agricultural science ,she's portable and Charming..

Esther Aro is a student of Adult education... She loves dancing, dances even in the worst situations,she's joyful, jovial and fun to be around..

Eno Roland has a killer smile,she loves music and is a good dancer too,she is gorgeous and a sociology student.
Peace Paul  is a student of history and international studies , She's a make up artist and also a lifetime slay queen

Victoria Opeyemi Jatto , popularly known as VickyFantasy is a student of Mass communication. She loves Making friends and dancing

Amina Grace Garba is a student of political science..she loves smiling,gisting,cooking,watching movies and taking pictures ..

 Elizabeth ibrahim is one of the fastest rising CEO,She is the CEO of Laweppa makeovers,She loves making money,dancing and singing.

Sylvia Oghenejabor,A student of economics department, she's a vj a slaymama and also a fashionista
Vicky is a student of sociology ,loves smiling ,she's pretty cool and fun to be around.
My namesake, Faith Barau is a student of business adminstration, she loves reading and having fun..

Habeebarh is an accounting student ,she's a model with a sense of professionalism..k
Lawrine is a student of business adminstration reps her culture very well and is really beautiful..

Rita Sofa is an English student ..she has an hour glass shape and reps it well ,she has great sense of fashion.. Shes not boring at all .

Dinah is a computer science student shes beautiful and very friendly... She's portable too
Ebony Queen, Gift wyte, CEO glossy makeover is sure one gorgeous, hardworking and lovely lady,She is a student of Adult education..
Maryam Bagudu is a geography student, she's beautiful ,quiet and unique, she has a killer smile and sure is gorgeous..

Best Wodi,Social media personality and face of sociology is one lovely lady,She loves to post.....

Chiamaka chai, dressing A,beauty A, height A,fIBBULxn sense A,cooking skills A , social A, she's an awesome personality ,friendly, fun to be around.. She's a mass communication student.

The beauty and brains Queen ,unlike the usual notion of nerds ,Ore is a beautiful nerd,she's the CEO JT Gold fashion line,she's funny,cool and interesting,A student of psychology...

Hauwa Giwa is a cool,beautiful and gorgeous lady,she's also a fashion designer,loves business and making profit. She is a student of geography.
Doris James is a portable cutie ,she loves fashion  and music,She's friendly and funny...
She's a student of Adult education..
Judith Ibrahim, the business tycoon ,she has great entrepreneurial skills and an awesome sense of humour, she loves music and is full of live...she's also a fashionista... She's a student of sociology..

Deborah saba is a beautiful, lovely ,gorgeous young lady,she has a beautiful heart and is great dancer..
She's a Student of mass communication..

Ninma Angulu ,CEO arrange body,is a motivational speaker and a sex educationist ,she's an ebony beauty... She's a student of sociology..

Khadija aka skittish is a political activist ,she's beautiful and fun to be around ,she's gorgeous and is a student of psychology. 

Chidinma and Chioma ,the epic twins,they can sha slay and are double of everything,they are friendly and loving.. they also have great voices . They are both students of Adult education .

Joy Jonathan ,an outstanding student and a beauty Queen.. She's sure gorgeous...she has a lovely voice and loves music..She's a student of geography..

Blessing Oguche ,Ebony Queen, miss endowed, only her..yes oo. All in one,she's beautiful ,awesome and is a remarkable cook..she is a student of sociology ...

Maryam Ogirima,is no doubt a beauty ,she's a member of boss entertainment and sure knows how to slay!Shes a student of Adult education...

Aisha Musa is a student of microbiology, she's friendly ,kindhearted and beautiful..

Saratu is a beauty to behold ,she has a very lovely personality and is a student of psychology..

All the  Ladies in IBBUL are gorgeous ,The list is endless ...If you think am lying come to IBBUL and see for yourself... We only have wife materials in IBBUL ...#ProudIBBULITE

Credit : IBBUL guys...

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