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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

An app that lets you order ‘Okadas’ on-demand has launched

Lagos is synonymous with traffic. Across the globe, Lagos is known as one of the most densely populated cities, a factor that contributes to the city’s seemingly never-ending traffic jams. 

Once upon a time, those traffic jams could be easily navigated by jumping on one of those commercial motorcycles, locally known as ‘Okada’, and you could weave through traffic in peace.

Unfortunately, former Lagos State Governor (and now Minister of Power) Babatunde Fashola banned the Okadas from major highways and other specific areas of the state, no thanks to the mounting number of lives lost from reckless okada riders. They are now confined to inner streets and minor motorways.

Max GO wants to change that. The new app just launched and it is set to bring on-demand power bikes to approved routes in Lagos.
Max Go works just like any of the regular ride-hailing apps we are all familiar with (Uber, Taxify etc) except it has a no cash policy. Sign-up is the same — name, phone number, debit card details … and so on.

To request a ride, you simply put in your pickup location and destination, get a fare estimate and place a “Request”, after which the app proceeds to connect you with the closest “Champion”.

Your motorcycle arrives, hands you a hairnet and helmet (safety first, people) and you’re on your way! Just like that. At the end of your trip, your debit card us charged and a receipt is sent to you. Max Go also provides passenger liability insurance, for those “God forbid” moments, according to Techpoint.

According to a Techpoint report, Max Go requires it’s “Champions” (motorcycle riders) to undergo a series of vetting sessions that begin with psychometric tests.

Right now, Max Go has launched with a 100 motorcycles and it is only available as anAndroid app (Techpoint reports that an iOSversion is coming soon). It charges for only distance covered with a starting price of N100. 

Max Go is from a company called Metro African Express, an urban logistics startup launched by Chinedu Azodoh and Adetayo Bamiduro in 2015. 

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