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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Would you ask your spouse to return N10m gift from an ex-lover?

Some people have argued that there is no harm when two ex-lovers remain friendly even after each had gone ahead to get married. Saturday Punch asked Nigerians whether they would ask their spouse to return a N10m gift from their ex
She’ll definitely send it back and I will supervise it – Efemena Ozore               

   I don’t care how much the money is or of what benefits it might be; she is definitely sending the money back to him and I would make sure I supervise that. The money is suspicious as the saying goes,, nothing goes for nothing in this world we live in. No matter how noble the intention of the ex-lover is, he would feel owed. He wants attention and when he gets it, he would even want more. My wife being indebted to him, will be unable to shake him off easily. Secondly, she would lose my respect and I would not want that to happen.

She will have her selfish reasons – Adelakun Adebukola

I will ask him to return the money because they say one good turn deserves another. She is definitely giving him such a huge amount of money as a gift for her own selfish reason and she would ask for it back on the long run. But if my husband has to be in need of the money at that time that she sent it and there is no other place he can get it from, I would allow him keep it. I would have to trust my husband to some extent before I can allow him keep such money.

The money will benefit both of us -Oluwaseun George

I’d trust my wife enough to transact any form of business or cordiality with her ex. She can receive anything from him because they were once more than friends who shared similar interests but don’t anymore. The money will benefit both of us and any form of pride wouldn’t. So I won’t ask her to do such a thing. It’s foolishness if I ask her to return it. I would not know if she had kept quiet about it and for her to tell me, I believe she meant no harm. If my knowledge of the money came from her, we are keeping it.

I will monitor his moves henceforth – Adedayo Opeoluwa

Absolutely not, he is not going to return the money because he didn’t beg for it, it’s a gift. She obviously knows that he is married before sending it in the first place. Although, she might want to use that as a means to make them come back together but since I haven’t caught them cheating, I would just have to monitor his moves henceforth.

She will return it – Oluwatosin Adepoju

I would not ask her to return the money. Although, I would be jealous at first and be kind of suspicious but I would have to call her, talk to her and make findings whether they are still having anything together again. Such a person can’t just be giving that kind of expensive gift to an ex like that.

We’re keeping the money – Adekola Adeola

I would never ask him to return the gift because she felt like giving him the money so why should I ask him to return it?  I won’t be suspicious because before I would get married to a man, I should be able to trust him and so I trust my husband. As long as I am alive, it won’t even work if her plan is to make them have an affair together again. But as for the money, we are keeping it.

He will start giving her expensive gifts – Christopher Udeh

I would ask her to return the gift back to him because he is an ex lover. If I allow her to keep the gift, he will start giving her more expensive things that would make them come back together regardless that she is married to me. Most women are more attracted to material things and that could bring more harm to the marriage and I don’t want such to happen to mine.

We will share the money 60/40 – Nofisat Andoyi

I can never ask him to return such money to her because it’s a gift, he didn’t go to beg her for money I suppose. Besides, either his ex sends it to him or not, if he wants to continued with the relationship with her, he will without me even knowing. It is better we share the money on a 60/40 per cent basis and invest in a profitable business. I trust my husband and he would not want to destroy our love because of an ex-lover.

Such gift can’t be given freely – Aremu Olumide

I would ask her to return the money because, he may later request for it back after my wife might have rejected to offer to do anything with him. A guy can’t just give a lady an expensive gift like that, it can’t be free and when the lady collects it and can’t give him what he wants, he would ask for the gift back and I may not be able to help refund such amount of money. So her collecting it is a burden, not a means of solving problems.

I won’t ask my husband to return such blessing – Aromashodun Funmilayo

There is no way I would ask my husband to return such a blessing because he didn’t go crawling to her to beg her for money, I trust him not to do that. She must be buoyant to send him such money in the first place. Although, I know she did it for some reasons best known to her. Even if my husband does not want to cheat on me, he will cheat if he wants to. Only God and prayer can sustain a man from cheating. He will keep the money and get it invested into a business that will benefit us and the kids.

( Punch)

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