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Friday, 11 August 2017

Belly Button:

The belly button is the most important and amazing part of human body.It is the great gift of God. It is situated in the middle of the belly. it is also known tummy button or navel. It is clinically known as umbilicus. It is tiny but most incredible part of the body. In fact, it is considered the first scar of the human body.

shapes of belly button:

There are two shapes of belly button
  1. innie belly button.
  2. Outie belly button.
Some people have innie belly button but most of the people have outie belly button.

Mother to baby connection:

belly button
The human being is the greatest creation of God. When we observe the whole pregnancy period so we bow down in front of God’s nature. How beautifully God nourishes the baby step by step in the belly of the mother. It’s miracle! it is not possible for a man to do this, it’s the greatest symbol of God’s nature. The belly button is the way of connection between mother and baby.
The belly button is the first part that is created after the creation of clot. Belly button attached the baby, to his/her mother’s placenta. When a woman conceives pregnancy mother’s belly button attached to a flexible tube to the baby’s belly button. This flexible tube is called umbilical cord. Through this umbilical cord, baby gets nutrients and oxygen from her/his mother. Not only that, this tube is also processed to carry waste away from back to the mother. Baby nourishes in mother’s belly about 270 days which is equal to 9 months through the belly button.
When the baby comes out this umbilical cord cut down and a clip attached to close this tube. This scar takes a week for recovery. The belly button is an amazing part through which the other life formed.
Cure through belly button:
the belly button is the most important part of the body. Behind the belly button, there is a PECHOTI, which build more than 72 thousand veins. These veins connected to different parts of the body. A total number of blood veins in our body is the twice of the circumference of the earth. People suffer in many problems due to dryness of these veins. The belly button is a healing area through this can be cured many problems:
  • Poor eyesight.
  • Fungus in the nail.
  • knee pain.
  • Dryness of eyes.
  • Rough skin.
  • Hair problems.
  • Swollen throat.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Cold.
  • Pancreas.
Belly button detects which vein is dry up and supply the blood to this part of the body.

Home Remedies:

There are many home remedies which are very useful for the treatment of many problems.Here are these remedies:
  • If a baby suffers in stomach pain then apply 2 or 3 drops of castor oil on the belly button and around this.
  • The permanent problem of loose motion can be reduced by apply olive oil on navel daily.
  • For shiny skin and shiny hair put 3 drops of coconut oil on belly button for overnight.
  • joints pain can be removed by applying mustard oil on the navel and around this.
  • If an infant is suffering in abdomen pain then put 3 drops of pure ghee on the belly button, And also lightly massage the whole area of the belly with pure ghee for relief.
  • Applying mustered oil on navel give quick relief in the problem of the swollen throat and cold.
  • Applying coconut oil on belly button is best in the problem of poor eyesight and dryness of eyes.
These remedies work to reduce dryness of veins which are connected to different part of the body. These remedies help to open them up and supply proper circulation of blood

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