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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

List Of 21 Most Talented Youngsters To Watch Out For..

Talents are a very vital aspect of the society ...Parents and guardians should nurture their wards.  FAB dedicates this post to all young,growing acts....
Here are we go..21 talented youngsters to watch out for,In no particular order we have ;

 1.FITTY FOUR Arokoyo Ayomide Benjamin a rap act from kogi state who recently released a hit track blue print trail blazing young artist in Nigeria

 2.GENERALSMILES Kefas Praise Adama an award winning rap act from Niger state creating waves with his slick vibes and dope lyrics

3.ADIXYOUNG Abdulrahman Adigun a multi talented youngster a comedian singer songwriter and rapper with his fast growing record label ysegang

 4.KLAYPHOTOGRAPHY Kefas Garba a multi talented photographer with his own unique style and has a way of connecting with mother nature.

5.ELICUTE Elisha Jeremiah a multi talented fella model song writer singer and rapper

Emmanuel Gana &Praise Baba music producers thats got the world talking young A listers with a bunch of hit songs to their name

7.'jey's cultute' jemimah jerimah a fashion designer from Kaduna state believes in expressing herself in designing wares


8.KAMLINKS kamaludeen El-hussein an upcoming raper giving serious vibes to anyone who listens to his jam

9.AISHA USSY  Aisha Usman a model from Niger state with her own unique style and never shys away from a camera

10.LI2CAT Irene Umar Sheamu model from Niger state.This young lady is no doubt one of the most photogenic models in Minna.

11.DAVIDSON Kingdavid Adeoye fashion designer/tailor a young entrepreneur with his own fashion line..

 12.Zainab Salihu Ishaq
A unique writer who recently launched her latest best seller the Arrival a very inspirational and interesting book.

13.Donbaba is a unique music artist ...With something interesting to offer....

14. Agatha Chukwuneke model who has graced d runway of so many fashion shows.

15.Adeko sarah model poet, songwriter singer rumor has it that her voice
 makes the world go around

16.Tsado Jane(Mz Jayne) is a powerful vocalist ..with a strong voice..she has a lot of songs to her records...She inspires a whole of lot of people ..

17.Hope Emannuel is a model and singer ..She's a star to watch out for.

18.Meeklane Elias is a music artist a member of Faith squad... this dude is always on fire.
19.Abraham Jacobs (Ao5) is an outstanding rapper...An act to be proud of...

20. Jefferson chidawa is an artist,a vocalist and rapper

21.Princelee is the youngest rapper in Minna..His confidence on stage is simply amazing.. His lyrics are also very inspiring..

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