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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


A country that is so blessed and rich with many natural resources, and yet her people live in abject poverty. A country that is full of varieties of potentials, and yet her people live like one with no will.

It's only in my country where the lives of the less privileged are treated as trash, and the life  of a nobles worth a million gold.

A place where there is no supremacy of the rule of law; rather the law is only active and peculiar to the poor. It's in my country where a public servant who has embezzled fortune out of public fund could be discharged and acquainted with a peanut. While a poor with mere phone stealing charges could be destined to be hanged.

Same in my country where the only means of attracting public respect is by flaunting one riches before the poor; regardless of the source where such riches came from.

My country,  a place where embezzlement of public fund is seen as getting one's share of national cake. A place where no one care if his or her today's action will have adverse effects on the generations coming.

It is only in my lovely country where people view public positions as their heritage and go at any length in securing such positions; careless about the number of human lives that would be lost during the struggle.

A state where virtually everything seems to be going against us,  yet we act as if everything is alright. A once proud and self acclaimed giant of Africa, but now she is as lowly as what one can ever imagine.

Over time,  our song as citizens of this great Nation is "Nigeria go better",  this has been aged long song even far before I was born. But surprisingly,  our better days has refused to come till date...

Nigeria I beseech u to hear the clarion call; for we your precious citizens are not too pleasing with your lost glory and your present condition.

I believe with zest from the positive  minded people among us, not by violence but constructively, we can all stand to make this nation a great one again!.

Written by Oladimeji a student of Public Administration, University of Ilorin


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