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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

You were sent packing because of your bad character!” – Sister-inlaw of lady who called off her wedding fires back

Former sister in-law to the Nigerian lady who wedded a man, Emeka Augustine who she never dated is attacking her on Facebook saying she was sent packing because of her bad character and that she needs to tell the truth.

The ex-sister in law, Diamond Kelly took to Olivia’s comment section to counter her story. See her post below…

Another Facebook user shared her own version of what led to breakup between Oliva and her ex to Amanda Chisom. Read below…

Olivia who isn’t bothered by her comment or the insults she has been receiving following her posts, replied her. Read her post below.
”And the kid sister to my Ex by name Diamond Kelly on FB is here parading herself on my On wall, lolz.
I understand their plight right now, but unfortunately am not stopping dear , so go ahead and cry more.
Or you guys put out your own stories too, am awaiting and am ready for it.
This your yelling Diamond reminded me of his elder brother’s act , when he was busy doing the part 1 of the movie and my sisters and good friends were busy jumping upandan like you are doing right now , so as to quench the heat but he never headed , he was catching his fun but guess what he will receive double fold of what he started .
Am Okibe Olivia a proud ex to your brother, and am glad am doing what am doing and I won’t stop .
Am not doing it to Pain him or for revenge , am way too kind to be messy moreover God is already doing my vengeance for
So am only doing it for the likes of me (every lady on this platform ) they need to learn from my experience .
That’s all
So kid sister ex inlaw , keep mumuing yourself because it calls for it.
Yes am not out to pay him back in his own coin , am only here to educate young girls and I maintain my stand .
I know , why He is running up and down ; even threatening me and all dat because he doesn’t want the skeleton in his cupboard to be known publicly …… lolz
Oga , you cannot stop me .
Go ahead with ur fake gist by 6:30 ; I wonder what is left for you to say again outside the one you said around February on my wall
Calling me an Online Prostitute thus into Shuga daddies and so on .
Chai!!! Das way too cheap to compare to what the world will know about you .
I will release the bomb on your head soonest, everyone will know the real you soonest ; Fake human being Emeka Augustine Okoronu, a fool without wisdom dat thinks he is wise , I will teach you how to respect a woman .
After you are done with me, you will know dat age is just a number ; I am 22 female and you are 32 Male ….. let’s see who goes home victorious at the end .
After am done with ur gist , am sorry but it will be difficult for any one to dine or wine with you because you are a beast in human form.
Evil men like you needs to be exposed for the world to make a better place .
Meanwhile, girl don’t panic because I exposed our chat ; I know why I shaded off your name
I bet you he doesn’t know which one of the girls his flirting with ; that sent me this gist.
You are not the only one bae , so calm down
Am glad right now you took up the challenge I gave you in my last post to prove if you are a man
Come with urs because it will give me an edge as I continue with mine
It is not yet over until it is over
You want to make Live Video because you can’t type what someone can comprehend. I understand your plight Ex
Okibe Olivia is out to save young girls , das all so go ahead and think anything .
Meanwhile all of u fakers ; I know you all and for Ray ; am piling up ur own case .
Wait till I upload all our inbox messages
Before u come to display/masturbate ur stupid self on my wall ; ensure you are clean in my inbox bcos I don’t delete messages .
Thank you”

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