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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Underaged Prostitutes Take Over Zimbabwe Bushes, Lure Passersby For Sex (Photos)

According to popular Zimbabwean news portal, H-Metro,....

Multitudes of young Harare prostitutes, some below double digit age, have once again intensified their operations in the forests adjacent the flyover along Seke road making it virtually their fortress.

Without any degree of shame, they openly solicit for sex from members of the opposite sex using explicit words to lure clients, which makes any normal member of the opposite sex stop and listen.

"Iwee, wambosv.... here nhasi, irika riri pano" (Hey, have you had sex today, come get some) Shockingly enough, their charges rate from as low as 25 cents".

This reporter stumbled upon the unusual occurrence when she was on an assignment somewhere near their sphere of influence. They quickly mistook her for a new prostitute who had come to invade their territory.

"Iwe hure iwe, inda unosv... kwaunosienda. Akuudza kuti tiri kuita mari kuno uku ndiani (You prostitute, go and operate at your usual workplace, who told you that we are making a killing here), said a clearly agitated prostitute, later identified as Ayanda.

Sensing danger, this reporter quickly responded to the authoritative vulgar before hiding at a place where they could not see her to listen to some of the juicy secrets and the bush prostitution lingo "Ini ndirikumhanya mushika shika vasikana, chero coin pa short time ndiri kutora nokui zvinhu zvakadhakwa" (Things are not quite rosy at the moment, so I am operating on rush hour mode, even coins for a quickie, I collect), said another lady who appeared to be pregnant and was being referred to as Scolar.

H-Metro also learnt that there are two distinctive areas of operations for the sex workers. They use the railway lines which lead to the NRZ Harare main station, but, according to some of the prostitutes, that base is not that productive at the moment. "Kunjanji kwakadhakwa mazuvano (There is no business at the railway lines at the momen) quipped one identified as Tanaka

The bush area seems to be a sanctuary for muggers and fugitives as well. The bush adventure ended as soon as a middle aged young man entered the scene and was informed that a new prostitute (referring to me) wanted to operate at their place and they had to chase her away.
"Riripi hure iroro ndiris....." (Where is that prostitute so that I may have her myself), said the scar faced man who seemed a captain of some sorts of the hoods.That statement scared this reporter out of her senses and she ran back to civilization. See images of their activities;

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