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Sunday, 10 September 2017

VIDEO: I Will Lead The Breakaway Of Yoruba From Nigeria –Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, Former Minister of Aviation, has threatened to champion the break of Nigeria if the country is not restructured. Mr. Fani-Kayode insisted that restructuring of the country on a regional area is best for the country, and he also made it clear that he will not stop at anything until restructuring is achieved.

“It is a call for separation and call to exercise the right to leave the federation. We have been telling people to give Nigeria a chance but without restructuring, this country will break. That is why those that really want the unity of this country will want this. Let’s have a true federation and let’s treat every Nigerian equally," he said. 
“If we don’t have restructuring, we will break off and I will advocate the breaking off of this country. My fear is that if we do not take the restructuring thing seriously and do something about it, it may be the end of this country," he upheld.
Mr. Fani-Kayode beckoned on Yorubas to demand restructuring as a form of reorganizing the country from the present country, claiming the Yoruba tribe deserved more than what they are getting from the country, especially the present administration.
“The situation that we are second-class citizens of this country is unacceptable to me and unacceptable to the majority of the Yoruba people. Nobody can silence the voice of the Yorubas.  It’s time for us to think again, if Nigeria is not restructured, if we do not have region restructuring, let us prepare for Oduduwa republic,” Mr. Fani-Kayode lamented. 
The former aviation minister urged the present government to listen to the demands of the people who are clamoring for restructuring of the country. He further called on leaders of political parties from every part of the country to join in the demand and ensure that the country is restructured. 
Watch the video below:

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