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Sunday, 15 October 2017

My career will not end with Buhari – MC Tagwaye

The Nigerian comedian, Obinna Simon, popularly known as MC Tagwaye, who is known for mimicking President Muhammadu Buhari, has said his carer will not end even if the president is no longer in power.

“Buhari has created a personality in the political environment around the world so whether he is president or not I can keep mimicking that personality for over a 100 years if i want to”, Mr. Simon said in an interview with Hip Tv on Sunday.
He added that what matters is his craft and creativity which can take new dimensions and not how long Buhari will stay in office.
The comedian said though he is an Igbo man from Anambra State, he learnt how to mimic the president because he was born and raised in Katsina and he has always admired Mr. Buhari.
MC Tagwaye shot to stardom after he styled his craft in such a way that he dresses, speaks and acts like the President coupled with the fact that he has a striking resemblance with him (Buhari).
The comic actor said in another interview that he learnt how to mimic Mr. Buhari in one day after he watched his interview with Saharareporters in Kaduna in 2011. “I just watched the video once and it was a nine minutes clip.”
On his first performance before the President at an event in Katsina State, MC Tagwaye said, “This is an army general we are talking about; he doesn’t laugh, he can only smile. The people sitting on his table were looking at his countenance to know whether to laugh or not. They were indecisive but there was something I said that was very funny, so the president turned his face to a corner and laughed, then the rest followed suit. That was when they were free to laugh. It was very hilarious.
“After my performance, I demanded to take a picture with the president and even though his security personnel were surrounding him, I walked straight to him and before I got to him, he stood up and we took a picture together. After the picture, a governor informed the president that I have a twin brother and he also invited my twin to take a picture with him. Some people do not know that I am a twin but Tagwaye, my stage name, means twins in Hausa.”

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