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Thursday, 23 November 2017

How runs girls juggle sex work with academic pursuit

Campus prostitution is covering more ground in Nigerian tertiary institutions across the country than you might think.
The rate at which female students subscribe to the so called oldest profession in the world makes one think sex work is the best route to success.
Almost all campuses now have  hot spots where girls can be picked up and dropped after a sexual transaction.

From OOU to UNILAG,  DELSU to UNICAL and  KADPOLY to ABU prostitution on Nigerian campus is a big deal that keeps growing like a well funded industry.

Setting up this business is not a problem, all it takes to combine sex work and education is to get make up kits, look good and get introduced to a campus pimp.

And if money comes from the trade regularly,  it is pretty easy to juggle academic pursuit and prostitution because they have everything needed to settle academic failure standing on their way.

To be honest, studying in Nigerian University can be daunting, it takes only students with determination to scale through the hurdles.

For serious and studious students, campus life is punctuated with long hour lectures, plenty assignments and unannounced tests. Your academic pursuit is bound to suffer a great setback if self gratification through sex is what you seek.

Just as a studious student needs her books,  a successful  runs girl need to attend parties, meet sugar daddies and go to clubs almost every weekend.

These activities she knows are inimical to her academic life but she needs the proceeds from runs to meet financial obligation of her studies. At least that is the reason most of them give for engaging in runs.

So, to juggle the two parallel affairs, runs girls on campus usually find ways to cooperate and collaborate with anyone willing to help them academically.

Since Aristo or runs girls don't show up in class every time, they need back-ups to help them do their assignments, test even exams in schools where examinations are not properly supervised.

Runs girls are always quick to establish friendship with heads of class (HOCs) to help them negotiate or lobby for grades from a lecturer in exchange for sex either with the HOC or the lecturer. If the lecturer is incurably randy, the runs girl is his.

Most runs girls are nice students. They are good to their classmates and this perhaps is a calculated effort to make it difficult for their colleagues to reject them when they ask for their assistance in writing assignments or tests. In case the runs chics disappear, someone needs to fill the gap for them.

Besides, the campus sex workers always have money to spend as a weekend with a politician or yahoo boy could earn them more than N300,000. So any student willing to help them write assignment is always rewarded handsomely is cash.

Bold runs girls don't beg students for assignments, tests or exams. Instead, they take the trade to randy lecturers and get their grades in exchange for sex without anyone knowing about it. This is when lecturers claim it is a mutual affair.

Runs girls want to be academic champions like other students but their desire to make money from prostitution consigns their academic pursuit to the back seat in their scale of preference. And this explains why they find other means to graduate like other students without being dragged back by carry-overs and academic extra years.

(Pulse NG)

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