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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Brothers beat up in-law assaulting their sister

An abusive in-law and husband was fed his own pound of flesh, by his wife’s brothers who came to the aid of their sister.

According to Twitter user @Chiomachuka, the lady who was assaulted by her husband, just had a baby. She went further to disclose that before the brothers assaulted their in-law, the abusive man assaults his wife in the presence of her mother.
Her tweets read;
Excited to hear that a man got beat up by his wife’s brothers yesterday. Amazing stuff. Woman just had a baby, husband has been beating her since forever. Beat her in the presence of her mom, her brothers showed up & showed him shege. As it should be. Love & light to her!
Here’s your daily reminder ladies, to walk away if he hits you once, because he will hit you again, and again. It’s not love, it’s not correction, he’s not trying to make you stay, and it’s not your fault. He’s an animal, and you need to leave, and tell someone.
Tell someone because an abuser will manipulate the mind as he destroys the body. Tell someone so you can logically deconstruct “I hit you because I love you” for the BS that it is. Tell someone because leaving is hard. Tell someone because you might need witnesses. But leave.

Sometime in July 2016, there was a viral video of a guy who found out that his sister’s boyfriend was laying his hands on her, he does what any good brother would do— lay an ass whooping on the guy responsible. Spiraling into a fit of rage, he fires off a slew of punches at the boyfriend, who doesn’t get very far when he attempts to escape the brother’s wrath.
The enraged brother eventually chases him down, tackles him to the ground and continues to make him pay for his cowardly act with a series of strikes. The brother only begins to let up after he forces his sister’s boyfriend to apologize to her. The boyfriend, who is curled up on the ground in the fetal position, is heard meekly apologizing as he realizes that he’s messed with the wrong family.

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