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Friday, 26 January 2018

Kemi Olunloyo To Relocate To Port-Harcourt To Serve At Pastor Ibiyemi's Church Who Initially Jailed Her

Controversial blogger  Kemi Olulonyo has taken to IG to say people of Ibadan do not appreciate her and at the same time she called her dad evil and prays God help him. 

She then reversed her decision of contesting for the governorship seat of Oyo State and said the only thing she would be interested in, is to become a minister and she has actually been waiting for that appointment. Just while waiting to be a minister she also said, the only thing she wants to do for the rest of her life is to be a woman of God and she would be during that at Salvation Ministries; the church headed by the man of God who is believed to have jailed her.

Read what Kemi wrote after the cut...


#Ibadan never celebrates me. Red carpet events, owambes, government functions, my own father Victor Omololu Olunloyo tarnishing my name all over, Premium Times article, also he was heard at the NUJ restaurant say he was happy I was arrested during my first arrest. Then u wonder why I have not seen him since 2015 and live in the same city. Other parts of Oyo do like me, many excited when I announced I will join the governor’s race.

At this time I have decided NEVER to get into Nigerian politics. My father never empowered us to join politics like late Dr Saraki his NPN party mate did despite constantly asking for his help to be political leaders. We are too honest and care about the people. He helped his nephews and nieces instead. Funke my former special adviser sister applied for the job on her own thru God. People think “daddy hooked her up.” I’m coming back to pack my stuff to relocate to #PortHarcourt, get my own apartment so I can serve God in #SalvationMinistries. I have no car or house in Nigeria and use cabs in Port but God sent me here to save and serve people. I will have a send off party at one of your fave clubs. Many club owners have been calling. All my loyal young fans will attend. I have achieved my life goals, 3 First Class degrees, 3 children, 3 countries… USA, CANADA, UK. I will be remembered for a lot of GOOD things said Pastor @david_ibiyeomie my SPIRITUAL FATHER.
I will no longer run for Governor of #Oyo state as it caused a lot of enthusiasm. I will serve my people only thru God NOT electoral politics. If I’m made a minister in Abuja in 2019 fine, I counted 7 ministries I could have worked but constantly ignored but for now, my goal is to be a minister at #SalvationMinistries under the guidance of God and my spiritual father David Ibiyeomie. I enroll in part time pastoral classes next month. I will be serving God in Pastor @david_Ibiyeomie’s church for the rest of my LIFE to become a #WomanOfGod. One day I will help my dad give his life to Christ. He is an EVIL SINNER who needs to be saved. God will guide him. To my mom. Thank u!
Thank u #Ibadan #IbCity #Oyostate.”

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