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Monday, 29 January 2018

Queen Of His Heart… Billionaire Businessman, Julius Rone, Throws High-Octane Party To Celebrate Wife, Utibe, At 40

Yes, last saturday, the home of billionaire businessman, Julius Rone, was joie de vivre.Julius, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UTM Group, was not marking his birthday nor was he throwing a high-octane bash to mark the grand opening of a palatial mansion, rather the billionaire magnate was throwing a black tie party to celebrate his beautiful better half, Utibe, as she clocked 40.

As the guests thrilled to delightful music, their hair stood on end and they tipped over in merriment – their joy spilling from their souls into the air and sky high into the blue firmament. The melody reverberated through the halls and passageways of their posh home and spilled into the atmosphere, drawing excited and muted sighs of pleasure from their invited guests and neighbours.
And she didn’t just have a birthday party to show off how wealthy her husband is; it was more a celebration of her dazzling life, her dedication to friends and family and commitment to the uplift of humanity. And everywhere around the sprawling premises of their mansion, the pervasive smell of power and money hovered in the air.
Looking radiant and regal in her white ensemble, dainty Yutee was a sight as she danced with her husband. She swayed and shuffled effortlessly underlying her age and reminding guests of her enviable life. It was one party that allowed many of Nigeria’s moneymen to unwind and reconnect in an atmosphere of uninhibited revelry and merriment.
Expectedly, it was a star-studded event that had Nigeria’s rich, powerful, most sophisticated men and women flying in from all over the world; they trooped out in large numbers and in earnest respect to Utibe, the UTM boss’ queen.
Predictably, expensive food and drink was surplus at the event and the music offering was timeless. The crowd was select and classy. The ambience was celestial in its gold draperies. Typical of Julius’ predilection for grand celebrations, gourmet meals, and champagnes and cognacs and canapés flowed like a river and nobody left until the drinks had thinned to a tributary.
The celebrant looked radiant throughout the party and not a few guests, women to be precise, glared wistfully at her million dollar look, apparently wishing they had a husband that would honour them so. Their husbands however, drooled in admiration of the celebrant.
But they could only stare and lust from a distance as ravishing Utibe is the undisputable Rone queen and her husband never shied from impressing this on all and sundry.
There is no gainsaying Utibe dwarfs too many of her peers in womanliness, valour and character. She is a darling and a champion no doubt.
Yes, Utibe was visibly excited and happy that her husband of many years chose to celebrate her in grand style. Julius however, spared no expense in celebrating her; according to him, there’s no money he cannot spend to make her happy.
Guests at the occasion include Capt. Hosa Okunbo and Wife, Nosa, Dr. Tunde Ayeni, Admiral Joe Aikhom, Segun Awolowo, Tayo Ayeni, Olu Akpata, Charles Ahize, Ahmed Indimi, Raymond Abia and Wife, Seyelfa Scott-Tommey, Ifeoma Williams, Dr. Louis Ekere and wife, Chief Ayiri Emami, Nasiru Danu, Igho Sanomi, Oghens Sanomi, Stan Rerri and so many others important guests.  (TheCapitalng)

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